Arrested Development Season 5 Set Photo: The Bluths Move Back In

Arrested Development Season 5 is getting set to start shooting, star Jason Bateman revealed in a tweet showing off one of the show's most familiar sets. The revered comedy is coming back to Netflix for a fifth season in 2018, a mere five years after the controversial Season 4.

When FOX first killed Arrested Development after three acclaimed but low-rated seasons, it seemed we had seen the last of the dysfunctional Bluth family and all the show's many (many many) running gags built around their assorted quirks. Then Netflix resurrected the sitcom for a fourth season that turned out to be somewhat divisive thanks to a non-linear narrative that meant few opportunities for cast members to work together and play off each other.

For better or worse, Arrested Development is returning for Season 5 and star Jason Bateman teased the beginning of work with a tweet showing Lucille Bluth's apartment as it's being prepared for shooting. According to Bateman's tweet, filming is set to begin on August 8th.

Here comes trouble. The Bluths move back in on the 8th.

— Jason Bateman (@batemanjason) July 30, 2017

Season 5 will be built around a murder-mystery involving the vanished Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli), who may or may not have been killed by being pushed down the Bluth family stair-car during Season 4. In a very fragmented season, one of the clever things Mitchell Hurwitz did was set up every major cast member as a potential suspect in Lucille 2's murder. Lucille 2 became a power player in the story after buying The Bluth Company, and over the course of the season managed to either loan money to or discover incriminating evidence against pretty much every major character, giving them all proper motive to want her gotten out of the way (of course poor Buster, who always carried a torch for Lucille, was the one who ended up being arrested).

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Lucille's apartment, the staging ground for so many chaotic welcome home parties (and so many amusing banner fails), is a fitting set to showcase as Season 5 prepares to begin shooting. Bateman's tweet seems to suggest that we'll be seeing a lot of the Bluth family together on that set, a major selling-point for Season 5 after the way the cast was broken up for Season 4. Mitch Hurwitz had a hard time getting the entire cast together for Season 4 due to scheduling conflicts, but we've been promised that this won't be the case in Season 5, and we'll get to see the ensemble together in classic Arrested Development fashion.

More revelations about Season 5 are sure to make their way out in the months to come. Perhaps we'll even hear news that Charlize Theron is returning to play Rita Leeds, the very special British woman Michael once fell in love with and came to suspect of being a spy.

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Source: Jason Bateman

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