Arrested Development Season 5 May Be Part Prequel

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Premiering in 2003, Arrested Development helped to redefine what a half-hour comedy was capable of doing. Though it may be hard to believe now, its handheld camera footage and mix of family drama and absurdism was a tough sell at the time. While the show developed a strong following of fans and critics alike, FOX didn't renew it past its shaky third season. Like many popular series, however, it continued to live on after death.

Thanks to the continued love and support of fans, Arrested Development was revived in 2013, thanks to Netflix. Though the company was able to get many of the show's cast and creatives back together, the awkward structure robbed the series of the ensemble chemistry that made its initial seasons so enjoyable. Still, fans have been awaiting the follow-up season, which has seemed to move forward in fits and starts. Thanks to a new report, though, the producers and writers may have just worked out the kinks to season 5.

According to an exclusive scoop by TV Line, the new season of Arrested Development is actively seeking young actors to play versions of the Bluth family in flashbacks. The site says this could create a season that partially takes place in the past. By their estimate, this could be an innovative way to work around the busy schedules of the sprawling cast, so when they do appear in the present-day, they can do so together.

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Netflix hasn't commented on this piece of information, but it seems possible. A few weeks back, producer Brian Grazer made a comment at the TCA's that provides credence to the new claim.

“We are close… I think we found a way to create the compensation structure for all the actors and create a work matrix so they can still make movies and do other things and it will all integrate. So we are really close — I think within a couple of weeks at the most.”

It would be a bold tactic to be sure. While many fans were unhappy with how little the cast was together in season 4, it's unknown whether they'll be appeased by only seeing them share screen time for half of the new season. Still, it's better than nothing. As for the flashbacks, it's an interesting move. If they get the right group of actors who can nail the comedy and successfully imitate the older versions of the character, it could make for a perfect solution for the series moving forward.

Assuming the report is true, fans should hear some casting announcements soon. Hopefully, they'll help assuage potential fears and get them excited for the show to return. Until then, stay tuned for more news as it emerges.

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Source: TV Line

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