Arrested Development Season 5 to Premiere This Summer

Barry Zuckercorn actor Henry Winkler reveals that Arrested Development season 5 will premiere on Netflix sometime in summer 2018.

Arrested Development season 5 will hit Netflix some time this summer, actor Henry Winkler said in a new interview. Revivals are all the rage in television right now, with shows like Roseanne, Will & Grace, Twin Peaks, and even Queer Eye for the Straight Guy returning to critical acclaim (and sometimes massive ratings success). But Arrested Development did the revival thing before it was even a thing.

The chronicles of the hilariously-twisted Bluth Family, Arrested Development wowed critics during its original three-year run on FOX but never built up the kind of audience necessary to sustain it over the long-term. The show seemed gone forever after FOX canceled it in 2006, saddening its loyal fan base. However, Arrested Development would find new life in 2013 thanks to Netflix, becoming one of the first dead series resurrected by the streaming giant. Arrested Development season 4 had its fair share of problems, mainly in its fragmented timeline, but the show still had enough comedy juice for Netflix to order up a fifth season.

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Arrested Development season 5 was announced for 2018, and although a premiere date hasn't been revealed yet, the season is expected to debut quite soon. Henry Winkler, who plays bumbling lawyer Barry Zuckercorn on the show, said in an interview with Decider that the show will return this summer. Specifically, Winkler said: "That will be on midsummer. We just shot it before Christmas.”

Henry Winkler as Fonzie Happy Days

Again, Netflix has yet to confirm a premiere date, but the show does appear to have wrapped up production, including the all-important narrative voiceover recorded by Ron Howard back in March. So, it makes sense that the show would be ready to drop some time in the next few months. Season 4 released in May 2013, if that gives any indication of when Netflix might decide to unleash its new episodes.

In terms of story, Arrested Development season 5 will focus on a murder mystery revolving around the disappearance of Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli). As fans recall, Austero vanished - and appeared to die, though who knows how that will ultimately play out - at the culmination of season 4's Cinco de Cuatro celebration. The police arrested Buster (Tony Hale) for Lucille's murder, but, in fact, everyone in the cast had a motive for wanting to get rid of her. Unlike season 4 which saw few interactions between the entire cast, owing to the difficulty of assembling all the actors at once, season 5 we are promised will feature more scenes with the whole Bluth Family back together.

Can Arrested Development bring back the old magic a full 12 years after the end of its original run? Mitchell Hurwitz certainly wouldn't bring the show back for another season if he didn't have a load of great ideas. The murder mystery story sounds promising. And, of course, the cast remains filled with lots of hilarious, talented actors.

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Source: Decider

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