'Arrested Development' Season 5 Will Be 17 Episodes

Arrested Development Season 5 Will Be 17 Episodes

Beginning in 2003, Arrested Development ran for three seasons on Fox until it was cancelled in 2006 despite critical success and a devoted (albeit small) following. At first, creator Mitch Hurwitz attempted to revive the series in the form of a movie. However, in 2012, it was announced that Netflix would be continuing Arrested Development and releasing a new season with many of the original players back on board. The fourth season debuted in 2013 - a decade after its original premiere - to mixed reactions.

Shortly following the release of season 4, Hurwitz resumed plans for an Arrested Development movie, with season 5 to follow after. More recently, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said season 5 would be the next release. Now, Brian Grazer, executive producer on Arrested Development, has confirmed the fifth season along with the number of episodes it will be.

On Grantland's B.S. Report, Grazer talked about the different type of success garnered by Arrested Development and Fox's Empire, which is co-produced by Grazer's Imagine Entertainment. Grazer revealed that Arrested Development would be returning for a 17-episode fifth season.

Read Grazer's full quote:

"I love ‘Arrested Development’ but it never... It was never a huge thing, but people are loyal to it and we're going to do another 17 episodes. So stay tuned for ‘Arrested Development’."

Though Grazer revealed the number of episodes, he offered little information about other aspects of season 5, such as which members of the main cast will be returning. With many of the stars having moved on to other roles prior to season 4, their schedules forced an alteration of the format to a series of overlapping concurrent episodes, which was not entirely well-received by viewers.

Arrested Development Season 4 Chronological Re-Edit

Even Hurwitz acknowledged the problems of season 4 when he said he was re-editing it to be in chronological order. Of course, with more episodes planned to be a part of season 5, it could prove to be more challenging for the cast and crew, but ultimately more rewarding for audiences.

Despite the problems of season 4, it at least provided fans with a way to revisit the characters that they enjoyed - and a fifth season would similarly also allow fans back into the world of the Bluth family. Additionally, after having learned that the format of season 4 didn’t land well with viewers, Hurwitz and Grazer will likely have a different way to make season 5 work and satisfy fans who have long-awaited the return of Arrested Development.

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Source: B.S. Report on Grantland [via Fusion]

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