'Arrested Development' Season 5 Gets Writers Room; Episode Count Not Set

Arrested Development season 5 writers group & episodes update

Arrested Development found a whole new (and very dedicated) audience when it made its move to Netflix. At one stage it was the most watched show on the channel when the fourth season was released, back in 2013.

Subsequently, fans of the show have been eager to see a fifth season of Arrested Development, and creator Mitch Hurwitz and producer Brian Grazer have both spoken openly about their desire to make more episodes of the show. Grazer, in spring 2015, said that Arrested Development will be coming back for a 17 episode run, two more episodes than in previous seasons. However, it sounds as though the plan has now changed.

Talking to CNN Money, Grazer revealed that the Arrested Development team are taking a more unusual route toward getting season five off the ground. Grazer confirmed that the new season will be streamed on Netflix, before he added that a writer’s room had been set up, in order to get things rolling along.

"More episodes are coming for sure. The creator Mitch Hurwitz is creating a writer's room right now. We're going to get everybody on board."

Grazer went on to explain that the team will be “retrofitting” the number of episodes to the Arrested Development season five story arc; meaning, rather than writing the storylines to fit a specific episode count, the writers room will work almost in reverse, coming up with the concept for the season, and then fitting the number of episodes around that. Grazer said that the number of episodes was undecided, ibut t seems as though this could mean a shorter season than the aforementioned 17 episode count.

'Arrested Development'

Grazer previously indicated the plan is for Arrested Development season five to start production by January or February 2016 (with the episodes coming around four months after that), but this might have been slightly premature too. Arrested Development’s cast are all busy with other projects, and it will be quite the task to assemble them all for another outing. Plus, it looks as though there is not yet a deal in place between Netflix and Fox, with Netflix having declined to make any comment in the wake of Grazer’s interview.

Still, Grazer has acknowledged the dedication of Arrested Development fans (and their desire to see the longed-for fifth season make it to air), having emphasized that this is a project that will happen in time. This, coupled with the cast’s willingness to return and the setting up of a writer’s room, should mean we hear more on Arrested Development’s, well, development pretty soon.

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We will bring you more news on Arrested Development season five as it becomes available.

Source: CNN Money

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