Arrested Development Season 5 Set Photo Reunites Buster & Lucille

A new photo from the set of Netflix's Arrested Development Season 5 reunites Buster Bluth and his beloved mother Lucille.

Oscar and Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development

Buster Bluth and his beloved mother Lucille are reunited in a new photo from the set of Arrested Development Season 5. When we last saw Buster in Season 4, he was being busted for the apparent murder of Bluth Company owner Lucille Austero after the disjointedly wacky events of Cinqo de Cuatro. Lucille Bluth meanwhile had decided to enter rehab after escaping from prison by joining the cast of Tobias' Fantastic 4: An Action Musical.

Season 5 of Arrested Development on Netflix is expected to center around a "Who Shot J.R.?"-like murder-mystery involving Lucille Austero, with nearly every major cast member having been set up in Season 4 as possessing sufficient motive to want the victim knocked off. Star Jason Bateman has teased the longer story arc that series creator Mitch Hurwitz has mapped out for Seasons 5 and 6.

As further proof that Season 5 really is happening, Tony Hale tweeted a photo from the set of Arrested Development Season 5 showing himself and fellow cast-member Jessica Walter looking a heck of a lot less contentious than they normally do while in character on the show.

Mother and me. #AD5

— Tony Hale (@MrTonyHale) September 5, 2017

Jason Bateman himself recently tweeted out a set photo showing Lucille Bluth's penthouse, where much of the action of Season 5 is expected to take place. After a fragmented and somewhat unsatisfying Season 4, the new season of Arrested Development is expected to be more cohesive and most importantly will feature more scenes with the full cast together on-screen. Season 4 afforded the cast much less opportunity to be together, owing to budgetary and scheduling issues, and arguably the comedy suffered as a result.

Fourteen years after it debuted on Fox, Arrested Development continues to be one of the great examples of how fandom can keep a show alive in the era of multiple platforms. Never a ratings giant in its original run on Fox, Arrested Development was given a second life by Netflix almost by sheer force of fan will, with a little help from series creator Mitch Hurwitz and his dizzying command of the mechanics of television comedy.

Unfortunately, Season 4 did not live up to everyone's expectations, largely because Hurwitz was never able to assemble his full cast and take advantage of their amazing chemistry to get the comedy rolling. Season 5 sounds like it should hold together much better with its central murder-mystery plot and promises of increased cast interaction, and with any luck the show will this time deliver the full Arrested Development experience that fans were hoping for when it was first revived.

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Source: Tony Hale/Twitter

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