'Arrested Development' Season 4 Posters - Guess That Character

Fans got the surprise of a lifetime when it was announced that Netflix is resurrecting the cult-hit comedy series Arrested Development. Now the time is nigh for the series to premiere season 4 in its entirety - which is why we're starting to see more and more promotional materials being offered to the general public.

Today we have a gallery of new Arrested Development season 4 posters, which test fan-knowledge by showcasing a particular object associated with a particular member of the zany Bluth Family.

Posted online exclusively on IGN and Empire, the nine posters are a fun memory jog for the dedicated masses who helped bring Arrested Development back (thanks to their home video purchases and/or online streaming marathons), while serving as a baffling tease for people who have yet to jump into the show with both feet. So, if you don't "get" what these posters are referencing, and you want to be part of the Arrested Development season 4 conversation this summer, you better start doing your "research" (i.e., catch up on seasons 1-3).

[gallery ids="297122,297123,297124,297125,297126,297127,297128,297130,297131"]

Arrested Development season 4 will be comprised of 14 episodes, each following an individual member of the Bluth family (with some overlap). The only character who will appear in ever episode is Michael (Jason Bateman), as the actors had to all film their respective segments at different times, due to contractual obligations. Season 4 will pick up from the 2006  season 3 finale, "Development Arrested," but will ultimately move things into the present, and set the stage for that long-rumored Arrested Development movie. It's also possible that we could see additional seasons on Netflix, if season 4 is a success.

Getting psyched yet? Better start doing your chicken dance:



Arrested Development season 4 will premiere on Netflix on May 26, 2013.

Sources: IGN & Empire

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