'Arrested Development' Season 4 Set Photos Revealed

Arrested Development - Season 4

Arrested Development season 4 is about to begin filming – and if there was any doubt about the Bluths' long-awaited return, Jason Bateman has revealed the first photos of the set, with Michael Cera serving as your tour guide.

With production set to being mid-August, Bateman and Cera decided to drop by the Arrested Development sets for a look at the familiar Bluth model home as well as George Sr. and Lucille's apartment. Excited to be reprising the characters that the nation (now) has fallen in love with, Jason Bateman took to Twitter with a photo update on the Bluths.

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"My son, arriving yesterday"


"A grandson, looking for his Gangee”

From the photos, it appears that the set construction is coming along nicely. On course to be finished before Arrested Development season 4 beings filming this August, these photos mark the first time in six years that we’ve seen George Michael (Cera) grace the halls of the chaotic Bluth homes.

Eyeing a 2013 release via Netflix, Arrested Development season 4 will bring fans 10 new episodes for fans to enjoy. At one time set to focus on a different character in each episode, series creator Mitch Hurwitz has shifted plans to present the fourth season in the same way the television series was – only this time everyone will be watching.

In terms of television milestones, the return of Arrested Development is certainly near the top of the list. Returning to a franchise that was once canceled rarely happens in the entertainment industry – even for a show as critically acclaimed and beloved by viewers as Arrested Development.

Certainly being able to attribute the newfound love of Arrested Development to digital streaming companies Hulu and Netflix, there's hope that this once-in-a-lifetime moment of revival becomes a reoccurring phenomenon, as many fan-favorite series have fallen because of a network's inability (or interest) to find a strong enough audience to ensure a financial success.

Unlike network television, Netflix knows exactly how many people are watching each program in the content library – so when it comes to reviving a once-fallen franchise, they are able to calculate how many of their millions of subscribers will be interested. Additionally, Netflix has no need for ratings and/or episodic releases, as their platform feeds audiences who want to view as much (or little) as they desire in a single sitting.

Seen as one of the downfalls of Arrested Development on network television, the weekly episodic presentation of the series made it difficult for many viewers to keep up thanks to inside jokes and running gags. Making the move to Netflix – who plan on making all 10 episodes available at once – Arrested Development should have no trouble satisfying its many fans next year.


Arrested Development season 4 premieres on Netflix in 2013

Source: Jason Bateman's Twitter

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