'Arrested Development' Season 4 Promo Image: Classic Bluths

Check out the first promo image for 'Arrested Development' season 4, featuring the Bluth family in classic repose.

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Arrested Development fans have been rewarded with both a new season of the cult-hit show and (more than likely) an upcoming movie. The start of production on season 4 has been a real joy for the AD faithful, thanks to the news that rental/streaming service Netflix will debut the entire season at once; the entire cast is returning; and even reoccurring characters like Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio), Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler), Lucille 2 (Liza Minnelli) and Ann Veal (Mae Whitman) will all be returning as well.

We've already gotten some looks at the Arrested Development season 4 set, but today we're getting our first official look at the Bluth family's return - and it is funny, as usual.

Check out the first official Arrested Development season 4 promo image, courtesy of EW:


Arrested Development Season 4 Cast Promo Image

Classic Bluths. Or classical Bluths to be more accurate. This picture captures the Bluth family dynasty in perfect repose, from Tobias (David Cross) as a gay (as in happy) fool; Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) as a not-so-grand duchess; Buster (Tony Hale) as effeminate and infantile as ever; Gob as a bird-tossing showman; George (Jeffery Tambor) and Lucille (Jessica Walter) as the monarchal family heads; Michael (Jason Bateman) as the (literally) right-hand man; and on the outskirts of the family, too-close-for-comfort cousins George-Michael (Michael Cera) and Maeby (Alia Shawkat). All is as we left it.

Early season 4 plot details point to Michael attempting to flee from his family, only to be pulled back in (big surprise). Along the way we'll catch up with various members of the Bluth clan, to see what they've been up to since the series left the airwaves. Cast members like Alia Shawkat are already assuring fans that the scripts for the fourth season are funnier than ever; we'd expect no less.

Arrested Development season 4 premiere (in its entirety) on Netflix, sometime in spring 2013.

Source: EW

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