Henry Winkler & Scott Baio Return For 'Arrested Development' Season 4 - Is Liza Minnelli Next?

Production of Arrested Development season 4 is now in full swing, and returning guest star announcements keep coming in. Not only has Judy Greer revealed that she'll be returning as the crazed secretary Kitty Sanchez, but now it has been confirmed that Henry Winkler and Scott Baio will both be returning to the series as well. Does this mean that news of Liza Minnelli returning is just be around the corner?

News of Winkler and Baio's return was announced via Winkler's Twitter, where the Bluth's former attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn (Winkler), posted a photo (above) of himself with the Bluth's current attorney, Bob Loblaw (Baio). With the caption "Oh my goodness ... What a Development!!!!!!!," the appearance of both legal minds – even if one is lovably moronic – certainly adds a new element for fans to speculate about.

Winkler then supplemented his photo reveal with a hint about the scene he'll be filming: "I am supposed to be memorizing an Arrested Development scene with Maybe for today… Don't tell anyone I was here OK?????" We'll have to wait until its 2013 premiere on Netflix to see whether Winkler was simply referring to his many Twitter fans in his message, or referencing the fact that the other Bluth's don't know that he's meeting with Maeby (Alia Shawkat).

Though we have a good idea about what the Arrested Development movie plot will be, not much is known about the types of stories we can expect to see in Arrested Development season 4. If the appearance of dual attorneys is any sign, it appears that the Bluths are still engaged in some type of legal battle.

The further Arrested Development season 4 gets into production, the more exciting Netflix's (and Fox TV's) television experiment is to watch unfold. After six years off the air, the amount of talent the series is able to bring back is completely astounding. Proving just how much everyone enjoyed working on the short-lived, now cult, series, there's only one person we've yet to hear from: Liza Minnelli. But could her reveal just be around the corner?

Arrested Development Season 4 - Liza Minnelli

As any Arrested Development fan will tell you, Minnelli's role as Lucille Austero was as memorable as any of the series' core characters. Seducing the single-handed, mother-loving, Buster Bluth (Tony Hale), it would be hard to imagine having a season 4 with Minnelli. This is a sentiment that Hale shares.

And with guest star reveals slowly coming in as they occur, there's more than enough time for Minnelli's return to be announced. Essentially having an open schedule until the end September (where she'll be performing in South America), Minnelli has more than enough time to make it on the set for filming, if she hasn't yet. Since most, if not all, of Minnelli scenes would take place on the closed set, producers may be keeping Minnelli's involvement a secret, hoping to surprise fans later on.

Because as we all know, if Minnelli isn't involved in Arrested Development season 4, the only place Buster can turn to for romance is the Bluth's family Roomba - again.


Arrested Development season 4 premieres on Netflix in 2013

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Source: Henry Winkler's Twitter; Liza Minnelli's Website

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