'Arrested Development' Interactive Poster: Easter Eggs & 5 New Clips

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At midnight on May 26th, Netflix will premiere the highly-anticipated fourth season of Arrested DevelopmentLike it's original programming, all the episodes will be available to watch at once. Which means we can catch up with the Bluth family after seven years in one go. Following character posters, a poster re-uniting the whole cast, and a hilarious official trailer, it's all come down to this. And, as a special bonus, unleash your inner James Cameron and do what you want with Tobias!

Netflix has unveiled a new interactive poster which contains a number of hidden Easter eggs. Finding them all will unlock five new clips, offering a brief glimpse into the various Bluths and how they're doing in the here and now. Check it out right here!

We've gotten a glimpse of Michael (Jason Bateman), apparently coming back to town and apparently barging on his son George-Michael (Michael Cera) as he's (perhaps) rounding second base with his long-time crush - his cousin Maeby (Alia Shakwat). Michael's twin sister Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) might still be trying to rekindle what remains of her marriage to aspiring actor (and failed "analrapist") Tobias (David Cross). Meanwhile - sweet, naive Buster (Tony Hale) will always need manipulative mother Lucille (Jessica Walters). The oldest brother, GOB (Will Arnett), is clearly still in touch with his inner sleazeball. As for George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) - if you think he has forgotten how to push everyone's buttons, then you haven't seen the show and need to catch up.

In case you don't have time to uncover all the easter eggs (and clips) in the poster, here's what you'll find...

1) Lucille has a problem with the new security cameras in their penthouse... at least they'll work in the middle of a flood:


2) Baby Buster's commitment to mother extends to the point of helping her get around her apartment's "no smokting" policy:


3) And don't worry about GOB, he's found a stingingly lucrative new business venture:


4) As always, Lindsay's family is first and foremost on her mind:


5) Finally, Maeby deals with a particularly disruptive houseguest:


While we won't be seeing the entire cast together - except in one episode - as the stars' schedules demanded that each episode focus on a single character, the idea of seeing this show once more at all more than makes up for it.

We don't see any of them in the trailers or clips, but word is that former series regulars Mae Whitman, James Lipton, Andy Richter, Liza Minnelli, Ben Stiller, Carl Weathers, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Scott Baio will all be appearing at some point in season 4. Kristen Wiig, John Krasinski, Conan O’Brien, Isla Fisher, John Slattery, and Seth Rogen will also make appearances.

We know that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings "praises" popular, fan-favorite, now-defunct shows like Firefly, but has not publicly committed to bringing anything else back to life. Arrested Development is the first of Netflix's all-episodes-at-once model to bring back a cancelled series, and while it can be argued that there are more passionate core Firefly fans than those of the Bluth family, we can all agree that such a high profile resurrection might be a huge opportunity for all the beloved properties gone (Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Farscape, Odyssey 5, Jericho) before their time.

It may or may not happen. We have Arrested Development back, though. That itself is a win.

Arrested Development Season 4 premieres on May 26th, 2013 at midnight.


Source: Netflix

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