10 Quotes From Arrested Development That Are Still Hilarious Today

Arrested Development was not the most popular show when it was on the air originally, but its brilliance could only be kept a secret for so long. After its cancellation, the series found a new life on home video, eventually leading to its revival which received a mixed reaction from fans.

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While the later years might not be everyone's cup of tea, the show remains one of the best comedy series of all time. It is brilliantly written with great characters and endlessly quotable lines. Some of the lines are so funny, they'll make you laugh even after all these years. Here are some Arrested Development quotes that are still funny today.

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10 Odd Choice


The Bluths are not the most welcoming family, so when poor George Michael introduced them to his new girlfriend Ann, she didn't stand a chance. There was a recurring joke that Michael, despite having met her multiple times, cannot remember who Ann is.

Aside from apparently being totally forgettable, no one can seem to understand what George Michael sees in her. Whenever he expresses his absolute and undying love for Ann, the rest of the family only responds with a confused "Her?"

9 That Loving Feeling


I know what an erection feels like, Michael. No, it's the opposite. It's like my heart is getting hard.

Along with their many other faults, the Bluth family has a hard time expressing and feeling the emotions of normal people. Gob is maybe the most emotionally detached person in the entire messed up family.

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When Gob does finally start to feel some real emotions for the first time, he can't even find the words to describe it. When Michael suggests it's probably love that he is feeling, the only connection Gob can make is to sex. It is a hilarious display of how screwed up the man is, as well as being a total moron.

8 Tough Questions

I don't understand the question and won't respond to it.

The fact that the Bluths were once a wealthy family has turned all of them into spoiled and entitled people. These tendencies don't go away even when they lose all of their money. Lucille the matriarch is certainly the worst, mistreating anyone she deems beneath her.

When Lucille and Lindsey are turned away from a fancy restaurant, they try to make things work at a chain restaurant. Lucille is immediately disgusted with the entire thing. When the waitress asks if she wants a platter for her order, Lucille says "I don't understand the question and won't respond to it."

7 Never-Nudes Unite

David Cross and Jason Bateman in Arrested Development Season 5

There are dozens of us. Dozens!

Arrested Development helped coin countless memorable phrases and terms. One of the most famous is "never-nude". This is the condition Tobias suffers from, which makes him terrified to ever appear nude. As a result, he wears cut-off jean shorts under his clothes at all times.

When George Michael becomes shy about appearing in a recreation of Michelangelo's David, he wears Tobias' jean shorts. The crowd is appalled but Tobias stands by his apparent fellow "never-nude" as a proud member of the very, very small club.

6 Nice Gesture

Why are you squeezing me with your body?

As parents, George and Lucille Bluth are not role models. They are both extremely selfish people who are more likely to insult their children than to show them any affection. Needless to say, this had a negative effect on them all growing up in such a household.

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While Michael is maybe the most well-adjusted member of the family, even he has his hang-ups. When he's stressing out about the company's future and the family's legal problems, Lucille gives him a reassuring hug. Having never experienced it before, Michael is totally confused by the gesture.

5 Overpriced


I mean it’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?

To say Lucille is out of touch would be putting it mildly. Her life as a wealthy person has made her totally cut off from reality and she doesn't seem to have any desire to remedy that fact.

After an incident at the famous Bluth banana stands, Michael refuses to give Gob a free banana. Lucille tries to mediate the situation by insisting a banana cannot possibly be worth much. While the point is valid, she overestimated the price a little bit.

4 Clifford Unleashed

Will Arnett as Gob Bluth on Arrested Development

I don't want none of your tight-ass country club ya freak b***h.

One of the most memorable side characters in the show is not actually a real character. Clifford is Gob's African-American puppet which he sometimes used as an incredibly offensive part of his act. Gob brings Clifford out at several family functions and the puppet always crosses the line.

After Buster loses his prosthetic hand, he briefly uses Clifford as his replacement. However, when Lucille says he isn't allowed to bring the puppet into the country club, Clifford responds in a pretty harsh manner which surprises Lucille and even Buster.

3 Regrets

I've made a huge mistake.

Gob has plenty of ideas which he thinks sound good at first but end up being a total disaster and ruin everything. Despite thinking of himself as someone who never has anything he needs to apologize for, Gob frequently comes to Michael with his famous catchphrase: "I've made a huge mistake." It got to the point where the viewer could even anticipate when Gob was going to drop this line after his latest misadventure.

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2 Phrasing

David Cross as Tobias Funke in Arrested Development

I'm afraid I just blue myself.

Tobias is one of the most pathetic television characters ever, making him one of the funniest. A failed therapist turned unsuccessful actor, Tobias has big plans for himself but seems to go about achieving them in the worst possible ways.

Not only is he an absolute mess of a person who destroys nearly everything he touches, but he also has a tendency to choose some pretty awkward phrasing. After painting himself blue for his understudy job for the Blue Man Group, Tobias makes the situation even weirder with his explanation.

1 The Chicken Dance

Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken?

One of the funniest recurring gags in the show is the famous chicken dance. The phenomenon started when Gob called Michael a chicken as an insult and decided to add his unusual and highly inaccurate impression of a chicken.

The joke grows from there with several of the other family members doing their own interpretation of a chicken, none of which are anything close to how the actual animal acts. The whole thing culminates in a scene when the entire family mocks Michael with their chicken impression, causing Michael to ask the obvious question, "Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken?"

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