Arrested Development to (Finally) Start Filming This Year?

Coming Soon caught up with Arrested Development star Will Arnett while covering the press junkett for that Kirsten Bell flick When In Rome and wisely probed the actor (no, not in THAT way) about what all is going on with the Arrested Development movie.

Arnett's response? The cameras should (hopefully) start rolling sometime this year.

The show is going on four years having been off the air - but thanks to sites like Hulu, TV stations like G4 (plays the show from start to finish to start again) and great deals from Amazon (I got the whole series for $30 not a month ago!), Arrested Development fandom just keeps on growing.

Anyway, here's what Arnett had to say:

We are working on the movie right now, yeah... We don't have a completed script yet, but it's forthcoming and we're going to make the movie this year...That's the plan. We're hoping once Jason Bateman gets out of rehab. I think that we're going to start shooting. Oh, was I not supposed to...? Please don't air that."

We already know from a few months back that show creator Mitchell Hurwitz is working on the script, so I'm willing to take Arnett at his word...for now. Of course, this Arrested Development movie has had quite a few starts and stops over the years, so maybe it would be wise to stay just a little skeptical?

Nah, for now I'm going to remain hopeful that the Bluth family makes a big return to the screen. Reportedly the film would be helmed by none other than...MR. F! ;-)

How about you - are you keeping fingers crossed that Arrested Development gets underway in 2010?

Source: Coming Soon

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