Arrested Development Movie Dead...Again

arrested development movie delay dead

For years now, fans of Arrested Development (another acclaimed tragedy of the Fox programming slaughterhouse) have been hoping to see the Bluth family make a comeback on the big screen.

Just sticking to 2010, we've heard word of the Arrested Development movie possibly starting to shoot...and then that the film had (yet again) been delayed. Now comedian David Cross - who played Bluth family in-law Tobias Fünke - is ending speculation and calling the film dead in the water (see what I did there?).

Cross spoke to TV Squad recently, and had this to say about the Arrested Development movie:

"(I)t's not going to happen...Way too much time it's been (since the show ended)...I mean, there's so many people involved. Everyone's doing their own thing, you know. And everybody's aged. It's just not going to happen. I'm sure I speak for everybody when I say we'd love for it to happen, we'd love to work on it, but just I don't think... not going to happen."

Now I was a big fan of Arrested Development when it first aired, then disappeared, then reappeared, then disappeared, then briefly reappeared on Fox. The show was one of the best serialized comedies I've ever seen, and (in my opinion) gave birth to great serialized comedic shows of today, such as FX's Archer - which actually employs the voices of Bluth family heads Jessica Walter and Jeffery Tambor (to great comedic advantage). Suffice to say, Arrested Development made a significant impact on the TV comedy landscape.

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However, that impact has left us in a Catch 22: On the one hand, we so want to relive more twisted Bluth family adventures in feature-length form. On the the other hand, Arrested Development was SO impactful that many members of the show's cast - Jason Bateman (The Switch), Portia de Rossi (Better Off Ted), Will Arnett (Jonah Hex), Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) - are more famous than ever for their continued work on both the big and small screens. As Cross implies, it'd be a very tall order to pull all of the cast together again for an Arrested Development movie. These people really do have things to do.

Sadly, despite our fondest wishes, the ship may have sailed on our time with the Bluth family (Btw, that's a reference to both the header image and the pilot and series finale episodes of Arrested Development - Not bad, eh?). Syndicated episodes and DVD collections may very well be all we have to keep the Bluth memory alive.

It's with a heavy heart then, that I say anything is possible, but don't hold your breath for the Arrested Development movie to ever happen.

Source: TV Squad via Cinema Blend

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