Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Arrested Development Characters

Jessica Walter and Jeffrey Tambor in Arrested Development

In Arrested Development, Michael Bluth has to run the family real estate business after his father, George Bluth Sr. is sent to prison. However, this also puts him in charge of his interesting family: his vain sister (Lindsay Bluth Fünke), his magician older brother (G.O.B), his momma’s boy younger brother (Buster), his neglected niece (Maeby), his struggling actor of a brother-in-law (Tobias), his self-centered mother (Lucille), and his teenage son (George Michael).

We know them, we love them, and now, we are going to discuss their personalities, all according to the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®).

10. Michael Bluth - ISTP

We believe Michael to be an ISTP. These types are very tolerant, which is a great word for describing him, as he puts up with so much before speaking. And when he does speak, he is working quickly to find a solution and to solve everyone’s problems, just like an ISTP. Michael thinks logically and likes things to be efficient, so he may come across as a little cold at times, but he is just showing he cares in the best way he knows how.  

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9. Lindsay Bluth Fünke - INFJ

When it comes to an INFJ, this person is always seeking the meaning of life, new relationships, and luxurious material possessions... just like Lindsay. She, too, loves her family, but she also really loves herself; her scenes are always poking fun of her selfish ways. When she is not shopping or getting a new hairstyle, she is showing a commitment to value and trying to serve the common good. Does she always follow through with these approaches, rallies, jobs, and organizations? No... but they are in her life, making her an INFJ!

8. G.O.B. - INTJ

G.O.B. seems like an INTJ with his original mind, his desire to implement ideas, and his focus on his goals. Like Lindsay, he sometimes can get swept away with new things—like a new magic act—but he has trouble following through and actually succeeding (which helps make this show so funny). Despite all that, G.O.B. continues to talk about these high standards of performance, and, again, with just his magic, he is always showing off updated techniques, outfits, and performances — which always seem to go south. But he keeps on keeping on, doesn’t he?!

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7. George Michael Bluth - ISTJ

George Michael is definitely an ISTJ. He's quiet, serious, practical... He seems to have a logically thinking mind like his father. However, like his other family members, his ideas are not always the best. His positive trait, though, is that he values traditions and loyalty; time after time, George Michael is seen wanting to carry on traditions (like camping with Michael) and is seen looking for comfort (usually from his family members, meaning he usually does not get it...but he continues to remain loyal and true to them all).

6. Maeby Fünke - ISFP

When someone’s personality falls into the ISFP category, it means this person enjoys the present, likes to have their own space, works within their own time frame, is loyal to people who matter, dislikes conflicts, and does not force their opinions on others. This is Maeby! She definitely needs her own space, and she gets to things when she gets to things, in her own way. Despite her sarcastic and sometimes lazy ways, though, she does care about her family, meaning she doesn’t like the constant fighting. And while she could regularly speak out against it all and tell them all to stop, she usually just blends in and remains quiet.

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5. Buster Bluth - ENFP

Buster seems like an ENFP. While all the craziness is going on around him, Buster usually remains warm, imaginative, and childlike. He does not let obstacles get him down, as he continues to see life as full of possibilities. However, he does also want and need a lot of affirmation from others (namely, his mother). And when he does not get this, he often has to rely on his own abilities, his own childish thoughts, and his own hook in order to improvise. Yes, even with that hook, Buster’s ENFP ways make him relatively positive through it all.

4. Tobias Fünke - ESTP

An ESTP likes to see immediate results; any explanations would just bore these people. There is no time for that! And this is sort of how Tobias is. He never listens to reason. Instead, he just acts (he literally tries to), as he puts all of his energy into spontaneous activities that allow him to interact with others (since his wife gets annoyed if he even tries to talk to her). An ESTP also enjoys material comforts and style, and though Tobias’ style is different, he does enjoy it; he would never fully give up those jean shorts and that blue skin, altogether now, would he?

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3. Lucille Bluth - ENTJ

We see Lucille as having an ENTJ personality type. These people can be described as frank leaders and as those who are quick to find inefficient procedures and policies. Lucille is beyond frank and will gladly point out anything that is wrong with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. But she is also a sophisticated and knowledgeable woman, meaning she could be a great leader... You know, if she weren’t her. No, Lucille can’t even really lead her own family, because as an ENTJ, she is forceful in presenting her ideas (very forceful).

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2. George Bluth - ESFP

Before George Sr. went away, he ran his own real estate company. Since we know that, we know that he was outgoing and that he enjoyed working with others to get things done. However, he is an ESFP, and these people are all about fun. So maybe he had too much fun... Since then, fans have seen him behind bars, starting a spiritual business venture, and living in the attic. And in each of these unique settings, he really did adapt pretty well, even embracing these new lifestyles in big ways, which is saying a lot for someone who was so used to a normal-ish and professional way of living.  

1. Narrator - ENTP

Last but not least, we have the narrator, the one who sees all, knows all, and comments on all. So this fun character is an ENTP! The narrator is stimulating, alert, and outspoken (the three main ENTP characteristics). They're good at talking about different possibilities and analyzing them each (something that many narrators—and mostly all ENTP types—do). The narrator is always going from one story to the next (just as an ENTP goes from one new interest to another), and he is good at reading people (which is an understatement and which is another big part of being an ENTP).

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