'Arrested Development' Creator Developing New Netflix Series

'Arrested Development' creator Mitch Hurwitz has signed a contract that has him developing new series for Netflix.

'Arrested Development' Season 5 Release Date

When Netflix resurrected fan-favorite comedy Arrested Development after years of clamoring, the streaming service essentially made a bold statement that it was making original programming a priority going forward. The continued success of Netflix original series like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black is a testament to that, as was the announcement that Netflix has several Marvel productions in the works starting in 2015.

The question of exactly when fans can expect Netflix and series creator Mitch Hurwitz to re-team for Arrested Development season 5 (or that much-talked-about movie) remains unanswered, but now we have some idea of what the man behind the Bluth clan's irreverent saga will be up to next.

According to Deadline, Hurwitz has just signed a multi-year deal to create and produce new original series for Netflix. In addition, he will serve as executive producer and help other creators develop their shows as well as consult on Netflix original comedies. The contract, however, reportedly does not include any new Arrested Development content.

Arrested Development - Tobias Blue in the Kitchen

From a business standpoint, it makes sense for Netflix to do their best to keep Hurwitz happy and in-house. After all, the streaming service already has hit original dramas under its belt, but the relaunch of Arrested Development has certainly been its biggest comedy project thus far. Essentially, Netflix's deal with Hurwitz appears to be akin to Marvel's Phase Two contract with Joss Whedon, wherein the company in question recognizes the creative talent behind a success and locks him down long-term.

The logic here is clearly that Hurwitz will bring the same sharp wit and narrative flair to other Netflix series as he has with his signature show. Furthermore, the marquee value of "from the creator of Arrested Development" could help entice viewers to add the new show to their Netflix queue. Hurwitz certainly has the fervent fanbase to warrant such faith, but whereas Marvel fans would have seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron with or without Whedon's involvement, it's undetermined if viewers will watch (and, more importantly, stick with) a series simply because Hurwitz is involved.

The success of Netflix's upcoming comedies will really depend on a number of factors, but bringing in Hurwitz is an encouraging sign at this point, especially if his reported collaboration with Community's Dan Harmon ends up being part of the Netflix deal. At the very least, it bodes well for Arrested Development's future on Netflix.

Are you excited that Hurwitz will continue working with Netflix on new original content, or would you prefer he focus on bringing the world more Arrested Development instead? Sound off in the comments sections below.


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Source: Deadline

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