Arrested Development Season 5 Cast & Guest Star Guide

Warning: SPOILERS for Arrested Development season 5

The Bluth family are back for (possibly) the final time in Arrested Development season 5 part two, which recently arrived on Netflix – here's your guide to the sprawling cast. Arrested Development season 1 arrived in 2003 and while the show struggled somewhat in the ratings, it was acclaimed for its impeccable comic writing and ensemble cast. When the show ended with Arrested Development season 3 the cast, particularly Jason Bateman, began to pop up in multiple TV series and movies.

Netflix brought Arrested Development back for a fourth season in 2013, but while fans were initially glad to see the show return, season 4 received mixed reviews. Most of the cast was too busy to actually film together, leading to a strange structure where most episodes focused on a single Bluth family member. The show later again returned for Arrested Development season 5, which was split into two, 8-episode chunks.

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Arrested Development season 5 could also be the final series, so before launching into part two, here’s a quick guide to the show’s cast.

Arrested Development Season 5 Main Cast

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Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth: Seemingly the only functioning adult in the Bluth family, Michael is often tasked with keeping his dysfunctional clan together. Bateman’s hilariously straight-faced portrayal of Michael made him a star and he’s since gone on to leading roles in Horrible Bosses, Game Night and The Gift, in addition to Netflix thriller Ozark.

Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth: The overbearing, alcoholic matriarch of the Bluth family, who can be extremely cruel and manipulative to her children. Jessica Walter is a veteran actress, having starred in Clint Eastwood’s Play Misty For Me and is also known for voicing Malory Archer in Archer.

Jeffrey Tambor as George Bluth: The amoral, corrupt Bluth patriarch whose arrest in season 1 kicks off the show. Outside of Arrested Development, Tambor is known for his roles in Hellboy I & II, The Hangover trilogy and TV series Transparent.

Will Arnett as Gob Bluth: Gob is a sleazy part-time magician with flexible moral values and is openly disliked by his parents. Arnett is a prolific comic actor, appearing in both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot movies and voicing the main character in BoJack Horseman and Batman in The LEGO Movie and subsequent spinoffs.

Portia de Rossi as Lindsay Bluth Funke: Michael’s narcissistic and vain adopted sister, who is unhappily married to Tobias. Prior to playing Lindsay, de Rossi was known for a co-starring role in Ally McBeal and most recently appeared on Scandal and Santa Clarita Diet.

Tony Hale as Buster Bluth: The meek, socially awkward youngest son of George and Lucille, who famously lost his left hand when a seal bit it off. Tony Hale has featured in The Heat, Transformers: The Last Knight and recently voiced The Joker in Batman Ninja.

David Cross as Tobias Funke: The well-meaning, dimwitted husband of Lindsay, whose many careers have included therapist and actor. Cross is a well-known stand-up and has appeared in the first three Alvin And The Chipmonk movies, and sketch series Mr. Show.

Alia Shawkat as Maeby Funke: Having been neglected by her self-absorbed parents, Maeby learned to be independent from an early age, but can be manipulative and cunning too. Alia Shawkat has also appeared on TV shows Transparent and Search Party, in addition to movies like Green Room.

Michael Cera As George Michael Bluth: Michael’s socially awkward son has a massive crush on his cousin Maeby. Michael Cera is also known for Super Bad, Juno and for playing the title role in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

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Arrested Development Season 5 Guest Stars

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Ron Howard as The Narrator/Himself: In addition to his hilariously dry narration Howard has appeared as himself on the show more than once. Howard's real-life wife Cheryl, father Rance and daughters Paige and Bryce Dallas also play themselves on the series. Howard is best known as an actor from TV show Happy Days and as the director of Solo and The Da Vinci Code.

Isla Fisher as Rebel Alley: The fictional daughter of Ron Howard and love interest to both Michael and George Michael. Fisher first came to fame on soap Home And Away and has since appeared in Now You See Me and Nocturnal Animals.

Ben Stiller as Tony Wonder: Tony Wonder is a magician Gob idolizes and the two later seduce each other. Ben Stiller is best known for the Zoolander movies, the Meet The Parents trilogy and There’s Something About Mary.

Frances Conroy as Lottie Dottie: Lottie Dottie is the district attorney the Bluths need to please to keep out of jail. Veteran performer Frances Conroy is best remembered for her roles in Six Feet Under and nearly every season of American Horror Story.

Kyle Mooney as Murphy Brown Funke: Murphy is Tobias’ quasi-adoptive son and reluctant actor. Kyle Mooney is best known for his appearances on Saturday Night Live and roles in movies like Zoolander 2 and Neighbors 2.

Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders as Young George and Lucille: Killam and Smulders play younger versions of George and Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development season 5. Cobie Smulders is best known for her role in long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother and playing Maria Hill in The Avengers and other MCU projects. Taran Killam is a comedian who has appeared in Ted 2 and The Heat and starred and directed Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Killing Gunther.

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