Arrowverse's The Flash & Supergirl to Get Middle-Grade Novels

Two of the Arrowverse's biggest stars are headed to print, as The CW will be spinning the adventures of The Flash and Supergirl into a series of novels. For decades now, comics have been the main locale for the biggest heroes and villains of the DC and Marvel universes. Here and there, they've made the jump to film and television, but those instances have exploded in the past few years. One form of media that's oddly been removed from this equation is books.

Though comics are certainly a visual medium, their rich characters and stories could easily be translated to novels and short stories. Sadly, few superhero books have ever been released, with only a fraction of those featuring comic book characters. But as the Star Wars universe has proven, fans are eager to continue enjoying their favorite stories in a variety of different forms. With Lucasfilm finding success on the big and small screens, comics, and novels for teens and adults, comic book publishers are starting to take note.

EW has the scoop that two of DC's biggest heroes will be heading to book form, inspired by their iterations on The CW. Both the Flash and Supergirl will be getting their own novel aimed at middle-school-aged kids. With the demographic being The CW's prime audience, it's a smart move. It will also allow fans to enjoy more action from the heroes outside of TV, while testing the waters of a new medium. Along with the synopses for the books, you can also check out the covers drawn by César Moreno below:

The Flash will star in Hocus Pocus by Barry Lyga, a story that sees him take on the titular villain. Armed with mind-control powers, Hocus Pocus starts taking control of both Barry and the citizens of Central Citizen. Luckily, he'll have some help from the rest of Team Flash. As far as continuity, the story will take place in a present day where the Flashpoint universe never happened.

Age of Atlantis by Jo Whittemore will pit Supergirl and the DEO against a humanoid sea creature from the deep who emerges while the average citizens of National City begin demonstrating superpowers they didn't previously have. There's no word on the continuity, but it likely won't have any bearing on the TV series.

For fans of DC Comics, it's hard not to immediately think of Aquaman when it comes to any mention of Atlantis. While it's unknown if the hero or his people will appear in the book, it could be that DC and The CW are testing the waters, so to speak, for some sort of appearance by the Atlanteans in a future season.

Barry's upcoming foe, meanwhile, seems to be an original creation for the book. Interestingly, in the New 52, Abra Kadabra briefly appeared as a magician named Mister Hocus Pocus. While the two rogues will likely be unrelated, it could provide an intriguing connection and a way to set up future stories on The Flash.

Along with Barry and Kara, DC has given Lois Lane to YA adventures so far, with a third on its way. And the hit Wonder Woman film will soon be followed up by a novel about Diana Prince as well. All told, it's an exciting time for DC fans of all ages.

The Flash: Hocus Pocus will hit bookstores October 3rd, while Supergirl: Age of Atlantis will arrive on November 7th.

Source: EW

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