Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Hitman in Why We're Killing Gunther Image

Fans of Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger will likely want to catch the first look at the 1980s action movie star in character as a hitman in the upcoming studio comedy Why We're Killing Gunther. Well known by now for his stereotypically imposing physical build and impeccable acting chops, Schwarzenegger will be turning his attention next to the formerly-mentioned project that is currently in the works, as directed by former Saturday Night Live cast member Taran Killam.

After being announced in May of last year, Why We're Killing Gunther will see Killam turn out a starring role opposite Schwarzenegger in what will be the former Not Ready for Prime Time Player's directorial debut. Bolstered by a supporting cast that includes Killam's wife and How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders, the new movie will center around a group of disgruntled assassins tasked with taking down an especially capable hitman - and the latest image from the set features Schwarzenegger as that latter mentioned goon.

In the image featured below provided by THR, potential viewers of Why We're Killing Gunther can catch their first sneak peek behind the scenes of the forthcoming studio comedy production, and begin to anticipate what kind of a presence Schwarzenegger will bring to bear on the film's original script written by first-time director and co-star Taran Killam. As the eponymous hitman of world-renowned status, Schwarzenegger as Gunther is sure to be a welcome presence in the new movie. Check out the official image below:

Fans of Schwarzenegger's past starring roles in action/comedies such as Kindergarten Cop from 1990 and True Lies from 1994 know that the action movie star is perfectly capable of bringing more than a little humor to even his most physically intimidating roles - and his turn in Why We're Killing Gunther will likely follow in that same tradition. Alongside supporting turns from such well known comic talents as Killan, Smulders, Bobby Moynihan, and Kumail Nanjiani, the forthcoming action-comedy feature should manage to draw a crowd based on Schwarzenegger's presence alone.

Only time will tell whether or not Why We're Killing Gunther will prove to be a hit with general audiences, but with any luck Killam will manage to get another great action/comedy performance out of Schwarzenegger when the movie finally sees theatrical release. Until then, here's to hoping for the very best as things continue to develop behind the scenes.

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Source: THR

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