Arnold Schwarzenegger Working On New TV Series

Hollywood icon and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has more than movies on his itinerary. Representatives for the actor said that he was preparing a TV series announcement for April 4th at the MIPTV festival in Cannes.

Schwarzenegger has been largely absent from his Hollywood stomping grounds (with the notable exception of The Expendables) since his election to the governor's office in 2003. His term ended in January, and news of his return to action movies has been coming for months.

It's been decades since Arnold has had a scripted television presence. The actor has chosen to appear almost exclusively in movies, leading me to believe that his role in a new series would be behind the camera. Representatives called the project an "international TV series," which could mean that the show is intended for a non-US release, or that it's being prepared for multiple markets.

Very little information is available - the project is being kept under wraps until its April unveiling. It could be almost anything - from a gritty action/drama to a cooking show displaying Cal-ee-forn-ee-a's finest cuisine. But one rumored TV show has me thinking: True Lies.

Jamie Lee Curtis True Lies 2

Rumors of a sequel for the original 1994 James Cameron movie have been circulating since 2000 or so. Cameron said that he had planned a sequel to be released in 2002, but scrapped the idea after the 9/11 attacks. While a movie sequel seems increasingly unlikely, Screen Rant has been hearing rumors of an upcoming TV show adaptation possibly staring WWE's John Cena.

Schwarzenegger isn't a young man, and the idea of him returning to an intense action role seems doubtful - Terminator rumors notwithstanding. On the off-chance that he's preparing an announcement for a True Lies TV show, perhaps he'll take the role of Omega Sector's Director, Trilby, played by the late Charleton Heston in the original movie.

But again, the idea that Arnold is prepping a True Lies show is speculative at best. It's more likely that he's dipping his enormous toes into the production game. Schwarzenegger served as a producer on Last Action Hero and The Sixth Day, and one can only hope that almost eight years of running the nation's most populous state has given him impressive administrative skills.

Screen Rant will be watching the MIPTV press conference on April 4th for the official announcement.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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