Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Film Triplets After Terminator 6

Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that once work on Terminator 6 is completed, his next project will be the Twins sequel, Triplets.


Arnold Schwarzenegger's work schedule is taking on a particularly eighties flavor, as he is set to work back to back on sequels to two of his biggest heyday hits. It has been announced that Terminator 6 is now in the works with Deadpool director Tim Miller behind the camera and Linda Hamilton reprising her role as Sarah Connor. With James Cameron heavily involved, the latest installment in the ailing franchise promises to return to the glory days of Judgement Day and ignore most (all?) of the other Terminator sequels.

However, the next Terminator film isn't the only part of Arnie's back catalogue that the actor is set to revisit. A sequel to the 1988 buddy comedy Twins - titled Triplets - has been in the works for a number of years and is set to once again star Arnie alongside Danny DeVito, only this time Eddie Murphy will reportedly be along for the ride as the original pair's long-lost brother.

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Speaking at the An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger event (via The Terminator Fans), Arnie confirmed that he expects to move straight onto Triplets once he's done mopping up Skynet's mess in Terminator 6. The former Governor of California also confirmed that the new Terminator movie will be given a more inventive title prior to release and that filming is set to begin in March 2018.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator

Naturally, there remains time for that schedule to change and it is very much dependent on both projects proceeding without any delays. Filming two films in a row that are follow-ups to movies released roughly two decades ago is perhaps indicative of the current Hollywood mindset and studio preference to work on project that both have a ready-made fan base and inspire a sense of nostalgia. Arnie himself may also be looking to return to safe ground after a couple of quiet years on the cinematic front.

With that said, can either Terminator 6 or Triplets be able to live up to fan expectations? The Terminator franchise has been on a downwards slope since the third installment - and after Genisys in 2015, there hasn't been much appetite from fans for yet another offering. Although the return of Hamilton in Terminator 6 may instill some hope, it's perhaps worth remembering that there are more bad Terminator movies than good ones at this point.

Triplets on the other hand, does at least have the advantage of being a direct sequel to an original movie and is fondly remembered by those who were entertained by Twins, once upon a time. Nevertheless, Twins was hardly an eighties classic and it would be a stretch to suggest that there was any significant desire for a follow-up. Schwarzenegger may indeed be returning to familiar ground for his next two projects, but whether he'll find success is very much up for debate.

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Terminator 6 and Triplets are currently without release dates. More news as it arrives.

Source: The Terminator Fans

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