Arnold Schwarzenegger's Return Raises Interest in 'Terminator 5'

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 5

It was just last week when Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he and his agents would start taking offers and scripts seriously in preparation for his long-awaited return to Hollywood. Since Schwarzenegger is out of politics and back in for acting, I posed the question: What film would Schwarzenegger make first?

Would he return to any of the franchises that helped establish his career or would it be something entirely new? Little did I think that it could actually be the seemingly dead Terminator franchise...

Deadline has the exclusive that there's growing "interest" from Universal Pictures in relaunching the Terminator franchise. The scoop continues to point out that Justin Lin, the man behind the studio's last three The Fast and the Furious films, would likely direct. Also keeping to the Universal family, writer Chris Morgan, also from The Fast and the Furious franchise, would pen the script for Lin.

Hearing about interest in Terminator 5 is surprising news considering the bankruptcies and negative buzz associated with the stalled franchise since the disappointment that was McG's Terminator Salvation. Even with Hollywood A-Listers Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, the hopeful start of a new Terminator trilogy set in the post-apocalyptic future did almost everything wrong.

Is it a realistic possibility for Terminator poster boy Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to the franchise? And if he did, would he be playing an aged human version of the character the T-800 robot was based off of or the Terminator itself?

I'd like to think Arnold could save the franchise and help bring life back to it, but he was there for Terminator 3 and that was a big letdown as well. There's no doubt that if Arnold were to make his triumphant return playing The Terminator again, in a big budget 3D movie no less, it would bank well at the box office, but I'm more interested in getting a movie as good as the first two.

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Source: Deadline

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