Stallone & Schwarzenegger Confirmed for 'The Tomb'

Last month we reported that Expendables 2 co-stars (and action movie icons) Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger could team up to star in a film called The Tomb, which is basically an action/thriller that has more than a few shades of Fox's Prison Break TV show in its premise.

Today we can confirm that Stallone and Schwarzenegger will indeed be starring in The Tomb together, along with some further details about the film. Read on to learn more.

Check out the official press release for The Tomb to learn about the plot and what roles Sly and "Ahnuld" will be playing:

THE TOMB follows Ray Breslin (Stallone) who is the world’s foremost authority on structural security. He’s analyzed every high security prison and has gained a vast array of survival skills. But all Ray’s ingenuity and knowledge are about to be put to work in the most challenging test he's ever faced: escaping from the master prison of his own design.

Schwarzenegger, in the role of Church, plays a complex inmate with multiple shades of grey. He’s the guy who fights to keep the prisoners from losing their humanity in their darkest hour as they struggle together to stay alive.

Any fan of Prison Break should be able to easily recognize the similarities between that show and this film - the difference being, of course, that Prison Break never had the combined star wattage of a powerhouse pairing like Stallone and Schwarzenegger.

Swedish director Mikael Håfström has been confirmed for the director's chair of The Tomb. Håfström has directed solid genre fare such as Derailed, 1408, and most recently the exorcism thriller The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins. The script by Miles Chapman (Road House 2) has been re-written by Jason Keller, who scripted the convoluted story for the action/drama biopic Machine Gun Preacher, as well as the upcoming Snow White re-imagining, Mirror Mirror. Not exactly the most assuring of screenwriting resumes, but moving on...

Filming on The Tomb will begin this spring in Louisiana, for a targeted 2013 release date.

Source: Summit Entertainment

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