Arnold Schwarzenegger Starring In Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten

Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again brave the perils of childminding in Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten. Schwarzenegger is, of course, best known for his career-making role as the T-800 in the Terminator franchise. After debuting as the near-unstoppable villain in 1984's original, he returned as a force for good in the equally lauded sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment DayHe has since reprised the role in a variety of forms across numerous sequels. Outside of Terminator, Schwarzenegger crafted an array of badass characters. In everything from Commando to Predator, the former body-builder defined the action genre for many years.

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Not wanting to be pigeon-holed, the Austrian actor increasingly immersed himself in comedies, including the self-parodying Last Action Hero and the endlessly quotable cult classic Kindergarten Cop. The latter saw Schwarzenegger forced to go undercover as a teacher in order to track down a dangerous criminal.  He will next return to his roots in the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. The Tim Miller-directed installment will retcon recent outings from the canon and serve as a direct sequel to the original two. Many questioned whether Schwarzenegger would return to the franchise, but Terminator director-turned-producer James Cameron revealed he wouldn't return without him.

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Announced by Genius Brands International, however, Terminator won't be the only role Schwarzenegger will be returning to. In a joint production between Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment and Schwarzenegger's Oak Productions, the 71-year-old former Governor will star in Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten. He will also serve as an executive producer. Instead of a cop, Schwarzenegger will this time play a retired superhero attempting to guide super-powered youngsters. The role was written specifically with Schwarzenegger in mind. It's hoped that the show, which is aimed at preschoolers, will allow entrance to and guidance through the medium of superheroes. The series will be written by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza - meaning a level of wit that will appeal to adults as much as their children.

Stan Lee is, of course, the former head of Marvel comics and responsible for creating such popular characters as Spider-Man. As per tradition, the animated series will feature a cameo from Lee himself in every episode. “It is an honor and privilege to work with Genius Brands and POW! Entertainment on this new series and help carry on Stan's creative legacy by introducing this new group of superheroes to preschool children around the world,” commented Schwarzenegger. “Not only does Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten feature comedy and action, but there are many valuable lessons to be learned along the way! Of particular pride to me is the fact that I am not only teaching kids to use their superpowers, but I am also imparting valuable lessons to kids worldwide about the importance of health, exercise, and nutrition.

It's no secret that the life of the legendary Marvel creator was marred with painful circumstances towards the end of his life. He was unable to see Avengers: Endgame - which not only concluded a decade's worth of storytelling that he had a huge hand in inspiring but also featured his last ever cameo. Outside of that, he was also mistreated by people in a position of trust, which resulted in his former manager being arrested for elder abuse. Through it all, however, Lee remained every bit the person that fans loved and idolized. And Lee was never more epitomized than through his work. As such, fans of all ages - parents and children alike - will highly anticipate how Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten will inspire yet a whole new generation of children. As well as indeed serving as a new, directly-created block in his already stellar legacy.

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Source: Genius Brands International

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