Arnold Schwarzenegger Is (Sorta) In Terminator Salvation

Our buddies over at Latino Review were given a nice snapshot of the original Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger visiting the set of the new film Terminator Salvation.

But "Ahnuld" wasn't there just to hang out with Christian Bale and talk about how great The Dark Knight was. Apparently, the Governator will, in fact, be involved in the production (the first in a new trilogy) - albeit in an unusual manner.

According to their source:

"The premise of Arnie's involvement is to have a fully rendered digital face of Arnie replacing the recently cast Roland Kickinger (The Younger version of Arnie). It seems the Director McG will in no doubt try all he can to ensure the Governator has some sort of involvement and as a result Arnold was on set providing key ADR (Voice over) for the visual effects guys to reference during post production."

Am I the only one who finds it funny that Schwarzenegger is now in the film after publicly talking about how he wasn't crazy about it? Yet another case where "money talks!"

Terminator Salvation will be released in theatres on May 22, 2009.

Source: Latino Review

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