Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Acting Comeback On Hold

Only three months after he confirmed his return to acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he'll be postponing his big screen comeback.

The former Governor of California's personal life has obviously undergone a bit of an upheaval these last few days and he's understandably decided to sort through those matters before committing to any of the numerous film projects that he was involved with.

Schwarzenegger recently chose the drama Cry Macho as his first post-gubernatorial effort and production was scheduled to begin as early as this summer. He was also developing a Governator animated series, comic book, and 3D feature film with Stan Lee (quite frankly, we may have a dodged a bullet with that one).

There were a handful of other films Schwarzenegger was attached to as well including Ji-Woon Kim’s The Last Stand, Antoine Fuqua’s The Tomb, and even a sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins - but his fans are probably most interested in what this development means for the future of the Terminator franchise.

Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger has given no indication as to how long he plans to stay out of the spotlight - so at the moment it looks as if this particular incarnation of Terminator 5 might be delayed indefinitely. According to MSNBC, the actor's reps at CAA issued the following statement:

Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines. This includes Cry Macho, The Terminator franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Governor Schwarzenegger decides.

A new Terminator movie was one of the first projects Schwarzenegger became associated with after leaving office and his involvement was regarded as one of the more enticing aspects for potential financiers. With Megan Ellison's Annapurna Films acquiring the rights to produce two more Terminator sequels just last week, this is no doubt a very disappointing turn of events for her.

Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal delays Terminator 5

Ellison has yet to lock-in a distributor for the film and the prospect of moving forward without the franchise's iconic leading man could prove to be a challenge (especially after the lackluster reception that greeted the Schwarzenegger-less Terminator Salvation in 2009).

Fast Five's Justin Lin is presumably still attached to direct at this point, but Terminator 5 was just one of several offers he was said to be considering. If he decides to jump ship and commit to Summit's Highlander reboot or Fast Six instead, that could potentially set the film back even further.

Schwarzenegger certainly isn't the first actor to find himself embroiled in a scandal and considering the type of transgressions that some of his contemporaries have ultimately been forgiven for, it's hard to imagine that this is going to irrevocably damage his reputation. Aside from Terminator 5, it seems like most of the films he was circling would still be viable options for him once he's ready to get back in the game.

It's hard to believe we won't see another Terminator movie at some point, but it sounds like there's a very real possibility that Arnold will, in fact, not be back.

Source: MSNBC.

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