Zack Snyder Wraps Principal Photography on Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder has finished production on his upcoming zombie movie, Army of the Dead. This is the first feature-length film the 300, Watchmen, and DCEU director has worked on since he stepped away from Justice League (pre-Joss Whedon's reshoots) in 2017, in addition to the first one he's made as a Netflix exclusive. The streamer hasn't set an official release date yet, but Snyder recently revealed the plan is for Army of the Dead to begin streaming around the winter of 2020.

In addition to confirming the tentative launch date, Snyder has dropped a few plot details for the project. Army of the Dead, which has been completely rewritten after Snyder tried to get an earlier iteration off the ground in the late 2000s, picks up six years after a zombie plague devastated Las Vegas and was isolated to the since-abandoned city. Snyder recently finished shooting at the vacated Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, which served as a stand-in for an abandoned Vegas casino in the movie.

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Principal photography on Army of the Dead is now completely done, after Snyder and his crew returned to New Mexico (where production began) to finish a few extra days of shooting. The filmmaker took to his Vero account to confirm the news, posting a photo of himself and his camera department "waiting for a cloud to pass on our final day of shooting". He then added "Now that was fun!!!" to his message.

Army of the Dead movie cast

Dave Bautista stars in Army of the Dead as the leader of a group soldiers who're recruited by a Vegas casino owner to head into the zombie-infested city and retrieve his money from the safe in his casino (for a substantial payday, of course). For fans of his work, the film marks an exciting return to the zombie genre more than fifteen years after Snyder made his directing debut on 2004's Dawn of the Dead remake. And for those who're wary of Snyder have to deal with more creative control issues after Justice League, the director has offered his assurance that won't be a problem. He even says Netflix is staying hands-off with the project, with the added tease of "There are no handcuffs on me at all with this one".

Depending on how you feel about Snyder's filmmaking style, the lack of studio oversight on Army of the Dead is either a blessing, a curse, or maybe a little of both. In the past, Netflix's hands-off approach has yielded mixed results, with filmmakers like Alfonso Cuarón (Roma) and Mike Flanagan (Gerald's Game) doing some of their career-best work, even as storytellers like Jeremy Saulnier (Hold the Dark) and Gareth Evans (Apostle) have released Netflix exclusives that failed to have much of a cultural impact. Fortunately, Army of the Dead sounds like a strong match for Snyder's creative sensibilities and will hopefully prove to be worth the wait when it arrives next year.

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