Sadly, Armie Hammer Has Not Been Contacted About Green Lantern or Shazam Role

Armie Hammer Green Lantern Corps Casting

Armie Hammer says he has yet to hear from DC studio Warner Bros. about starring in either Green Lantern or Shazam! Since his impressive breakthrough role as the Winklevoss twins in director David Fincher's Best Picture Oscar-nominated drama The Social Network, Hammer's star has steadily been on the rise in Hollywood, attracting the attention of such esteemed helmers as Clint Eastwood (for J. Edgar), Gore Verbinski (The Lone Ranger) and Guy Ritchie (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.).

And as Hammer continues to maintain his very busy schedule (he most recently starred in the indie crime comedy Free Fire with future Captain Marvel star Brie Larson), rumblings continue to intensify about the actor joining the DC Extended Universe as either the Green Lantern or Shazam.

In an interview exclusive for Hammer's new movie Cars 3, Screen Rant got a status update on the prospects of being involved in either of the DCEU projects.

Screen Rant: Now I know on Twitter there’s been a lot of back and forth with you and Henry Cavill, him wanting you to play Hal Jordan, and also the Rock wants you to play Shazam. So who’s it gonna be. Hal Jordan or Shazam? Just between you and me.

Armie Hammer: What an embarrassment of riches to have all of these choices. The funny thing is, is nobody has ever come to me an been like… My agent has never called and said, “Armie, Warner Bros, has been talking to me. There’s really interested in you. This whole thing.” Never. In fact, after… there was like a… When the Green Lantern stuff first kind of started, which I think is Geoff Johns fault, because he like followed me on Twitter or something, and everybody was like what does that mean?! So uh… how did it happen, Um, I called my agent, after it had been going on for like a week or two, it had been going on for a little bit, I called my agent, I was like, “Man, have you heard anything from like D.C. or anything?” And he was like, “No”. I was like, “nothing?” He was like, “No”. I was like, “Not one thing?”, and he was like, “No. Why?” I was like, "nothing about… Green Lantern?”, and he was like, “No, nothing”, and I was like, alright. That’s it, that’s the end of it.

While Hammer has previously admitted that talks of playing Hal Jordan/Green Lantern have come from social media, the actor – at least in his interview with Screen Rant – seems like he's serious about playing either of the iconic DC roles (his responses to fans about playing the role have definitely taken on a more jokey tone).

No matter how serious the actor is about playing either Green Lantern or Shazam, there's no question that he has both the looks and charisma to play either part. He looks impressive in fan art created for Green Lantern and Shazam -- the latter of which was inspired, of course, by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's declaration of who he wanted in the role in his solo Black Adam movie.

With an ally like Johnson (who is at current one of if not the biggest box office star in the world), and a rapport with Cavill (thanks to their chemistry in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.), perhaps Hammer and his agent shouldn't wait any longer for a call from Warner Bros. and get proactive and contact the studio today.

Since both Green Lantern and Shazam are coveted roles and clearly have a future in the DCEU, you can bet that other agents have been in touch with Warner Bros./DC about the prospects, and Hammer – no matter how good he looks in fan art as either character – can't afford to rest on his laurels and let another actor snatch the roles from under him.

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