Are There More X-Files Spoilers Out There?

It seems to me that every other week we discover a new X-Files 2 plot "spoiler." Every time, I duly inform you of said spoiler and then I tell you that I don't believe that it's true, and that it is just Chris Carter's way of trying to stop people like me from letting too much of the story out into the public domain.

Fair enough, I'm quite enjoying this little game, and I can't wait to see this film when it hits the big screen this summer.

We have seen everything ranging from "leaked" call sheets, a supposed werewolf picture with Chris Carter and even a beautifully photo-shopped picture of David Duchovny mid-werewolf transformation.

Now for yet another news update.

According to, Scully works as a doctor in a hospital and the film will be pretty gory: featuring a scene where a woman's head is chopped off by a "crazy man." [I don't know how gory this can be if it will no doubt be receiving the mandatory PG-13 rating to bring in the kiddies. - Vic]

We can pretty much bet money that this film will not feature lycanthrope action, but if not that, then what will it be about?

Love, possibly.

You are now about to head into major spoiler territory if this is true, so be warned.

If you really want to know, click below.

Are you sure that you want to know?



Last chance!


Now, I don't believe this picture for a minute, it's just too damn obvious.

If there is a kiss in this film, then I'm going to guess that it is a platonic one, possibly at the end of the movie.

In my book, this is just more of Chris Carter pumping out disinformation to try and keep the plot a secret and confuse online bloggers. He's doing a pretty good job of it too!

What do you guys think?

The X-Files 2 opens on July 25th.

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