Archer Season 9 is Titled Danger Island

Sterling Archer

Continuing in its different seasonal themes over the past couple of years, FXX has revealed that animated spy comedy Archer will be titled Archer: Danger Island for its ninth season in 2018.

To shake up the status quo of the hilarious James Bond-esque spy show, Archer creator Adam Reed and his team decided in season 5 to start toying with the different directions that the series could go in beyond the basic premise. In that season, Reed disbanded ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service - the show started before ISIS was a major global threat), sending Sterling Archer and the rest of the characters towards a life of drug-fueled crime in Archer: Vice. Season 6 reset things to the spy angle, but season 7 was fueled by a long homage to Magnum: P.I. as the characters operated as private investigators in Hollywood. This past season, the cast got to reenact their version of a film noir with Archer: Dreamland.

 Archer has been renewed by FXX for two more eight-episode seasons, with Reed and executive producer Matt Thompson planning to end the series in season 10. At their panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, the network revealed that the title of season 9 will be Archer: Danger Island. The season will take place even farther back in time than Dreamland; set in 1939, it will deal with Archer marooned on a remote beach somewhere in the South Pacific, following the crazy adventures that come with that predicament.

Archer Danger Island

From the very little that's known about the season, there appears to be a bit of influence from Gilligan's Island and The Most Dangerous Game among other things. We know that H. Jon Benjamin's Archer is a sea plane pilot sporting an eyepatch dealing with "quicksand, cannibals and intelligent monkeys," according to Thompson. Amber Nash's Pam is Pam Poovy, Archer's tough co-pilot, and Lucky Yates' Kreiger is a parrot named Crackers. Jessica Walters' Mallory is a bar owner and once again Archer's mother, with Archer's usual romantic interest and mother to his son Lana acting as a princess on the island.

Beyond this announcement, Archer also made an appearance in a big way on Thursday, appearing alongside Kingsman agent Eggsy in a promotional crossover video for this fall's sequel Kingsman: the Golden Circle. That video appears to be the last time in a while we'll see Archer doing spy-like things, as this is yet another new direction for the series that continues to bring the laughs even through eight seasons.

We'll see if Archer: Danger Island can keep up with what's come before when it premieres sometime in early 2018.

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Source: FXX

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