Archer Meets Kingsman at San Diego Comic-Con

A new video from the Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel at San Diego Comic-Con pairs Eggsy with Archer in a fun animated short. Earlier today, we finally got to see the new red band trailer for Kingsman 2, showing Eggsy's journey to America, the quirky Statesmen, and tons of killer action. Earlier this week, we also got a look at all the new and returning characters from the film thanks to a batch of Golden Circle SDCC posters. All of the reveals, however, have been leading up to today's panel for the film.

While the trailer is likely the biggest thing about Kingsman 2 that will be arriving this weekend, fans in attendance at the panel were able to see the first 15 minutes of the film. Along with an extended version of the car chase scene shown in both trailers, we learned that Eggsy's opponent in the fight will be a reject from the Kingsman. As the first movie showed, not everyone is cut out to be a Kingsman. Despite some skills, many of the candidates from the program ultimately washed out. But how would another satirical take on 007 fare amongst the Kingsman?

As part of the Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel, 20th Century Fox unveiled a new animated short mashing up the movie's world with Archer. In the video (shown above), Eggsy shows of his parkour skills - more impressive considering he's in a suit - before arriving at the Kingsman shop. It's there that he meets Archer and their two styles immediately clash. The whole thing mixes the humor of both franchises while employing Archer's unique animation style.

Complete with a comical nod to the garage rock band the Kingsmen, the video is a fun bit of cross promotion for two of Fox's IPs. It's a great reminder that Kingsman will be joined at Comic-Con by Archer. Along with Legion, the FX animated series will get its own spotlight during the convention. Hopefully, some details about the future of the show will emerge.

In the meantime, promotion for this fall's Kingsman sequel is ramping up. Along with the new trailer and posters, we've learned quite a bit about Julianne Moore's demented new villain. While she wasn't shown too much in the new trailer, future promos will likely give her the spotlight.

As for the future of Archer and Kingsman, hopefully Fox will continue rolling out these videos to promote both properties. Who knows, maybe Kingsman 3 will even find a way to bring Sterling Archer to life. In the meantime, Kingsman: The Golden Circle looks to be a fitting compromise.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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