Burt Reynolds to Guest Star on 'Archer'

Any true fan of FX's Archer knows that the titular spy has a major man-crush on one Burt Reynolds, star of such classic manly man films like Gator and Deliverance (the latter of which gets a bit too manly, if we're being honest). Well, in a bit of epic casting news: Burt Reynolds will be doing a guest voice stint on Archer.

FX recently ran a three-episode arc of Archer to coincide with the return of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but the full third season of the show doesn't air until January.  Archer creator Adam Reed had the following to say about landing the iconic star for the show:

"I think the only person on the planet who’s a bigger fan of Burt Reynolds than me is Sterling Archer. Archer constantly tries to imitate Burt and always raves about Burt’s movies and all-around awesomeness. So to have Burt recording voice-overs for the show was just amazing."

Reynolds will be playing himself on the show, and will surely be making Sterling Archer's dream come true. One can only expect that the subjects of manliness, spy tactics and bedding women will be in discussion, as is somewhat indicated by the image of Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and an animated Reynolds below. However, things will get twisted (in usual Archer fashion) when Sterling finds out that Reynolds is sleeping with his mother, Mallory (Jessica Walters).

If this news is any indication, we're going to be in for a fun time when Archer returns to FX in January.

Source: EW

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