Archer: Danger Island Confirms Spring Premiere Date

Archer Danger Island

FXX confirms a spring premiere date for Archer: Danger Island, with the latest iteration of the comedy spy series set to air in late April.

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FXX announced the premiere of the forthcoming season with a tweet that confirms the show will return on April 25th, and released a new image from the season (below). Archer: Danger Island changes the setting from noir to a tropical mystery in season 9. In this iteration, Sterling Archer is an alcoholic seaplane pilot stationed on the South Pacific island of Mitimotu in 1939. Set at the brink of World War II, Archer is forced to navigate quicksand, super-intelligent monkeys, cannibals, pirates, poison darts and other sorts of treachery along with a sidekick named Crackers.

The rest of the cast is back as well, re-imagined as caricatures that one might see in a tropical setting like this. Jessica Walter plays Mallory Archer, Sterling's mother and a resort owner on the island; Judy Greer plays abandoned Charlotte Vandertunt; Aisha Taylor, Archer's continual on-off love interest Lana, will play Princess Lanaluakalani; Chris Parnell is Siegbert Fuchsthe, an incompetent undercover German officer; Adam Reed will play dapper French Capitaine Reynaud, and Dr. Krieger will be in the guise of Crackers, an overly talkative scarlet macaw parrot.

With the new setting, the only big question Archer really needs to answer is the purpose of this novelty season. While fans will more than likely be excited to explore another iteration and setting of the characters of Archer, many will wonder why we aren't returning to the Archer office. After Archer: Dreamland revealed that the noir setting was only a dream during Sterling Archer's coma, it will be interesting to see how exactly the series addresses the change of setting. Whether we like the answer or not, the fact that Krieger will be turned into a talkative parrot named Crackers is more than reason enough to tune in this season.

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Archer: Danger Island premieres on FXX on April 25.

Source: FXX

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