Archer, P.I. Augmented Reality App Lets Fans Solve Crimes

Archer Dreamland

Sterling Archer is back next month on FXX, and this season the world's best secret agent is going a little bit noir. The new series of Archer, titled Archer: Dreamland takes place (presumably) within Archer's (H. Jon Benjamin) head, after last season ended with him facedown in a swimming pool. The series has already released several new promo teasers and a trailer for the upcoming eighth season, and it's definitely going to be a wild ride for the animated agents.

In anticipation of the new season and its all-new setting, FXX is launching a new augmented reality app connected to the series, that uses AR like Pokemon Go!, but to let fans solve crimes.

'Archer, P.I.' lets fans solve cases just like a private investigator. The app is multi-platform, and is available through Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store, and will soon be available on the Amazon app store. The official release reads:

"The multiplatform augmented reality app encourages fans to interact with Archer: Dreamland on screen and with real world objects to win prizes and solve cases... fans can get an early start by seeking out clues ahead of time by pointing the app at outdoor billboards, TV commercials, digital ads, The Art of Archer book covers, the Archer Facebook page, Archer’s home on, and more.

Once the season starts, each episode will offer new clues that fans can find and collect in order to solve the case. Clues are discovered by pointing a phone or tablet’s camera at a television, computer or real world objects, activating animated experiences and collectible objects. Fans who use the app are also eligible for a weekly sweepstakes for prizes to reward their detective skills."

Archer Season 8 Dreamland Logo

The app is based on the same technology that made mobile game Pokemon Go! such a smash hit, encouraging fans to play out in the 'real world' when they see Archer advertising and book covers, and integrating the gameplay with a device's camera. Of course, these two games are far from identical, with Archer, P.I. playable entirely from the sofa, as the majority of clues come from the screen (TV or website).

This is certainly an interesting move for the show, as it taps in to a kind of advertising and audience-participation that fans of the show haven't seen before. It will be interesting to see how the game is received, and if it will transfer to the ninth series when Dreamland is over.

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Archer: Dreamland premieres April 5 on FXX.

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