Archer: 10 Questions That Need Answers Before It Ends

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Archer is a popular FX show known for its blatant spoofing of all things James Bond and the world of spies. But for the last few seasons, Archer has taken a plunge into the world of dreams and fantasy. With each season being a themed homage to some kind of film genre, we've seen the gang cause shenanigans in the jungle and in a film noir setting. Next up is a futuristic sci-fi adventure in space. This is all part of the show's way of keeping people on their toes and interested.

Season ten, titled Archer: 1999 premieres on May 29. We've seen the trailers, so we have a bit of an idea of what we can expect this season. But it looks like we still won't get some answers to the questions we have about the show's main storyline. What is going on in "real life"? What has everyone been up to this whole time? We are so curious, and we're not sure if we're ever even going to go back to that timeline. So, in honor of next week's season ten premiere, it's time to get a refresher on all of the unanswered questions we still have from the show.

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10 Is Archer Dead?

Season seven ended with Archer face down in a pool, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Before that, he had used a robot clone of himself to fool the others into trying to kill that instead. But when that robot blew up while proposing to Lana, it was obvious that the Archer floating in the pool is actually the real Archer. But what isn't obvious is whether or not Archer is still alive. From what we know about the past few seasons, we see that Archer is in a coma and isn't dead. He has been in a coma for the last two seasons as all of these stories now take place in his dreams. But is that just what the producers want us to think? What if he's never going to wake up?

9 What Happened To MK-Ultra?

Archer Liquid Lunch episode

In season seven, episode eight, "Liquid Lunch," Lana and Archer have to find a member of the MK-ULTRA program, Eckerd, and kill him. It doesn't quite work out that way, though. Eckerd dies, but it's because Archer fails to try to sneak up on him and he slips off a ledge. But, as he is falling, Eckerd claims that this isn't the last of MK-ULTRA and that the group is still active. However, nothing's really been done about this since that moment. It wouldn't be that big of a deal normally that another group like this exists. But the fact of the matter is that this group managed to evade the CIA for so long that they had to call in trained spies to catch Eckerd. Clearly, they are powerful. This leads us to wonder if MK-ULTRA is ever going to show up again. If so, will they be a new threat to the team?

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8 Are They Ever Going to Return To The Main Timeline?

By real life, of course, we mean the original setting and the "real lives" of the characters as they were before Archer's coma. Everyone else was alive the last time we checked and was waiting to see if Archer would wake up. But what is happening to them right now? These dream adventures are fun and all, but we want to know where everyone is at right now. They all have lives to carry on with as well, and they are all equally as interesting as Archer is. Here's a little tidbit; if you look at the titles of the episodes from this upcoming season, the final episode is called "1999: Awakening." Does this mean we're going to finally get some of these answers? Is Archer going to wake up? We can't handle the suspense.

7 Is Barry Coming Back?

Archer: Barry character

In this first look video posted by FX, it's hard to tell who is yelling, "ARCHER!" but if it was Barry in a new alien form, we wouldn't be surprised—or mad about it. One of the best things about cartoons is that even if you think someone's dead, they really don't have to be. Something tells us we really haven't seen the last of Barry. He's one of those guys that tends to just keep re-circulating and staying fixated on one singular goal forever. Will he still be a robot if he comes back? There is definitely going to be a trick up his sleeve if he does return.

6 If Archer Doesn't Wake Up, Will He and Lana Just Figure Their Relationship Out Already?

Archer: Lana and Archer family

These two are the most on-again, off-again couple out there. In the main timeline, it left off with them being officially on again, raising Abbijean together as a little family. It seems as though things were really starting to be better between the two of them as they started to truly prioritize what matters in life. Archer also seemed to be coming to terms with his feelings for Lana, which also helps. He also seemed to be really taking on the fatherly role. When/if he wakes up, will they finally throw in the towel and get married?

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5 Did Kreiger Actually Die and Replace Himself With a Clone?

No one ever really knows what Krieger is truly up to. He's definitely a man of mystery. He is also constantly working on secret projects without regard for anyone else's well-being. But would it really surprise anyone if we were to find out that he's just been a clone this whole time and that the real Krieger is actually dead somewhere in the main timeline? We know he has robot-clone technology, and we know that is definitely something he would do. So, wouldn't it be hilarious to throw this storyline in the mix?

4 Is The Figgis Agency Ever Going To Be Successful?

Archer: The Figgis Agency

In the main storyline, after ISIS was banned from conducting spy activities and had to move to L.A. to work as a detective agency, it was discovered that Cyril is the only person who can actually be a detective. So everyone else is working with him at the Figgis Agency. We could really use an update on how that's going. If Archer does wake up from his coma, it's doubtful that he's going to enjoy going back to working under Cyril's name. It could be that Archer wakes up to find that the agency is up and running and is more popular than ever. Or it could have completely fallen apart without Archer, the glue of the group, to keep everyone together.

3 Will Woodhouse Make an Appearance At All?

We know that Woodhouse, the lovable English butler whom Archer treated horribly, is dead. This was confirmed in the first episode of season eight when his funeral took place. But these last few seasons, as well as the upcoming one, are all based on Archer's dreams. So, it's possible he could throw in the character and still be thinking about him since he was such a large part of his life. We know that the producers of Archer used his death as a send-off and tribute to the original voice actor who passed away in real life. But who knows? Maybe they will run out of ideas and throw him in somewhere.

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2 How Long Has Archer Actually Been In a Coma?

Archer in the hospital

Since we're dealing with Archer's dreams here, we have no idea how long it's really been since the events that ended season eight, and when we slipped into dreamland. How long have we been inside Archer's head? Realistically, it could be five minutes, or it could be five years. We don't know what everyone has been doing while Archer is unconscious, and we may never get those answers.

1 Will This Be The Final Season?

Archer: 1999

Showrunner Adam Reed said in 2016 that the show was going to end after season ten. However, things always change and after last season, Danger Island, things are a little more up in the air. The producers have now neither confirmed nor denied that the show is going to end, and what that ending might even look like. Depending on how successful Archer: 1999 will be, they could go on to revisit the "real world" or continue making dream sequences. There are really so many options, it all depends on whether FX will sign on for more Archer shenanigans. It also depends on Adam Reed's decision to stay with the show. He's been vocal about leaving the show after this upcoming season, whether it gets picked up or not. If he does leave, there is a good chance we may never return to the main storyline.

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