Aquaman Will Feature Characters Riding Sharks

Jason Momoa has confirmed that Aquaman will gives fans exactly what they want: people riding sharks. When an Aquaman solo movie was first announced a few years back, reception was mixed. While the character has lots of fans, there were those who still worried that he wouldn't quite be able to carry his own live-action film. The casting of Jason Momoa and assurances from Aquaman director James Wan, however, seemed to point towards an interpretation of the character that will win audiences over.

Thanks to the trailers for Justice League, it's been clear for some time that the Momoa version of Arthur Curry won't be at all like the Super Friends version of the character that many remember. Instead, he will borrow from some of the more intense takes on the character in the world of DC Comics to bring a swaggering and swashbuckling powerhouse to the big screen, with plenty of oceanic flair to boot. As mentioned earlier, that includes a habit for hitching a ride upon sharks, among other underwater residents.

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Comic Book spoke with Momoa about his character in Justice League and Aquaman, and the actor laid out how Arthur Curry will grow and change across the two films. Even better, but he teased some incredible sounding action scenes for Aquaman:

"Surpassing Justice League, this moment in time is his call to become king. The only thing that can save Atlantis is me fighting my own brother. There's a big battle, and there's an epic [fight]. It's also a big road movie, because we travel all over the world. It's got that Star Wars quality of gigantic ships and guys riding sharks. It's going to be this whole world you've never seen before. You're going to see him start as this guy who probably rides bikes, works on cars. You get to see him this one way as kind of a dirty, dark, drunkard, and then turn into this regal king."

Momoa touches on a number of things in his statement, but it's hard to ignore the promise of characters riding sharks. As for the Star Wars comparison, that's likely a nod to the epic battle sequences and big ships. Thanks to Aquaman's ability to communicate with marine life, he's ridden a number of animals in comics and animation in the past. Here, however, Momoa seems to indicate multiple characters will ride sharks the way speeder bikes and jet skis are ridden.

Along with the eccentric action teases, it's also clear from what Momoa says that Aquaman still has some growing to do. The Aquaman in Justice League is still evolving, and it seems the multiple time periods of Aquaman will chart those changes. The main plot thread of next year's solo DC movie will take place after Justice League, but Momoa also says that flashbacks to Arthur's youth and his mother's life before he's born will factor into Wan's film. Character development aside, people riding sharks is reason enough on its own to give Aquaman the time of day.

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Source: Comic Book

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