Aquamarine: Hollywood Misses The Mark... Again

I just watched the trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of the well-known children's book Aquamarine, written by Alice Hoffman.

My daughter (who is currently 9) read the book a year or two ago and loved it. It's a short, quick read so at the time I read it as well. I thought it was a great coming-of-age story of two young teenage girls who were long-time best friends, with a bit of fantasy thrown in as a catalyst for their growing up. It had it's light moments, but overall I thought it had a fairly somber, poignant tone revolving around the fact that one of the girls was moving far away.

Having heard last year that a movie was being made based on the book, I told my daughter, and she was really excited about it. Recently when I saw the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water, before the title came up my very first thought was that this was the Aquamarine movie. The music and cinematography really brought to mind the feel of the book, but as it turned out it was a completely different film.

It turns out that Hollywood has screwed up a potentially good thing.


The tagline for the film is "A Fish-Out-Of-Water Comedy."


How you take a book like Aquamarine and turn it into a goofy teen comedy is beyond me. Why oh why oh why does Hollywood continue to do this sort of thing? The book is a New York Times Bestseller, it's loved by kids and adults alike, so they think they're going to improve it by making it a comedy?

I my opinion the trailer was painful to watch. It was so incredibly formulaic, full of cliches and predictable that it made my stomach hurt.

Pathetic, once again.

Do yourself a favor and just read the book.

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