Aquaman: Zack Snyder Shares Behind the Scenes Visual Effects Image


DC fans have an epic year ahead, as Warner Bros. will release the first modern-age female-fronted superhero movie with Wonder Woman this summer, before giving fans their most iconic super team later this year in Justice League. With the epic team-up currently in post-production, director Zack Snyder is treating fans to a lot of behind-the-scenes footage this month, offering a little glimpse into what can be expected come November.

Earlier this month, the director released footage of Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in his underwater kingdom, and now the director has released another behind-the-scenes image of this footage being filmed.

The image was uploaded to social media site Vero, showing Momoa in a harness and surrounded by green screens. A crew member guides the harness in the background, and the only props in the scene are the steps at the bottom of the shot. Snyder captioned the image "People are wondering whether he was CG or not. He's not. Hair and environment CG otherwise all Jason."

This is just too damn good. This scene is going to be breath taking on the big screen

— Queen Mera Curry (@Meras_Aquaman) March 8, 2017

The VFX footage Snyder released showed Aquaman swimming up to an occupied throne in a gorgeous underwater environment. Having seen the harness set up, it's easy to see how Momoa managed to get that effortless swooping motion that was seen in the shot, and this is probably a rig that he is going to be in a lot during the filming of Aquaman, if director James Wan wishes to use the same kind of effects to create the underwater scenes for his solo movie.


It's amazing to see that Snyder and Momoa are creating at least some of the underwater scenes for Justice League with this kind of live-action effects process. It's also interesting to see Snyder responding so directly to fan comments and questions about the images and footage that he has released so far.

However, although it's unclear how many underwater scenes will be in Justice League, as most of the action will (presumably) take place above ground with the other heroes, chances are there will be room for a little backstory on Aquaman. Still, it's unlikely that fans will be seeing vast amounts of his time in Atlantis before his solo film. It's also unclear whether Aquaman director Wan will choose to create Atlantis using the same effects. The underwater kingdom will have to have a consistent look, obviously, but he may well choose to create the bulk of the scenes in some other way.


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Source: Zack Snyder

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