Aquaman Casts Its Young Arthur Curry

An IMDb casting request reveals that child actor Otis Dhanji will be playing a young version of Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry in Aquaman.

Aquaman and Aquaboy

The actor playing young Arthur Curry in Aquaman has been revealed. It's almost three years since Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman (with the actor stating he was in consideration for even longer) and although he's been seen - briefly - on screen in Batman v Superman and looks set to steal the show in this year's Justice League, his first solo outing won't come until December 2018.

Production has just begun on James Wan's film after what, based on the director's word and a slew of social media posts, has been a rather extensive pre-production process involving the beefy cast. In addition to Momoa as Arthur Curry, said cast includes Amber Heard as Mera (who will also appear in Justice League), Temura Morrison as Thomas Curry, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master and Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko (among others). And, now, it's gained another small but essential member.

An IMDb cast list request (Update: This post has been removed) has revealed that Australian child performer Otis Dhanji is playing the young Aquaman in the film. The request further reveals that he will be playing Arthur Curry at age 13 and will be shooting for six days, primarily in May.

With a greater focus on Atlantean culture than his team-up appearance, Aquaman was always going to be something of a retroactive origin story, and this latest casting confirms that we'll indeed be delving in the childhood of Arthur Curry. Based on the shoot dates, it seems like Dhanji - who has no previous screen credits but has appeared in some stage productions - will appear in two key sequences; a substantial one shot in May (presumably an Atlantis flashback) and another, undetermined scene in August. Of course, they could be all part of the same section of movie, with the gap in production to allow for filming with other talents.

In terms of wider plot, the film is set to see Aquaman take on not just Wilson's Orm, but also Yahya Abdul-Mateen's Black Manta. Beyond that, though, not much is known, although with an ever-growing cast of Atlanteans it's sure to deal heavily with the underwater city.

Even without many concrete details, however, expectations are high for Aquaman. Not only has Momoa managed to bypass all the jokes about the character's fish-talking powerset and make himself the MVP of Justice League, but it sounds like the film will be bereft of the production issues that have dominated the DCEU thus far; James Wan has full creative control of the project, meaning it will be a focused vision. At the very least, Wan's a proven blockbuster director after making the jump from horror to action with Furious 7, which promises great things for what is sure to be a technically complex film.

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Update: Links were taken down since this was confidential information that should not have been made public. At the request of Dhanji's agents, we've removed a few specifics about shooting dates.

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