Willem Dafoe is Done Filming Aquaman, Says Production Was 'Great Fun'

Justice League casts Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe has finished his work on DC’s Aquaman movie, and he says the experience was “great fun”. The fact that Dafoe has wrapped shouldn’t come as a massive surprise: after all, fans learned earlier in September that the film would cease shooting by the end of September, thanks to a change in its schedule.

It’s also no secret that Dafoe – who previously played the villainous Green Goblin in Sony’s Marvel-inspired Spider-Man series – has enjoyed his time on the set of Aquaman. In an interview back in August, Dafoe praised the film’s director, James Wan, in a big way. Dafoe said that Wan’s “enthusiasm is fantastic”, and he went so far as to compare Wan to Sam Raimi, the geek-favorite director who helmed the aforementioned trilogy of Spidey films.

Dafoe will be seen as Vulko, a “100% Atlantean” science genius, in Justice League and Aquaman. And the actor has now spoken to The Playlist, confirming that he has finished filming on Aquaman and resumed promotional work for Sean Baker’s family drama The Florida Project. But before talking about that film, Dafoe found time to squeeze in some more praise for Aquaman director James Wan:

James Wan Director Promo Shot

“James Wan’s great. He’s great. I mean, because of the underwater [aspect of the movie] it’s very complicated technically.  But you see it in his films, he’s very detail-oriented. He figures the cut. He’s very precise. He’s a real gifted filmmaker.”

Dafoe also spoke about the physical aspects of the shoot, and how much fun he had on the Aquaman set: 

“I love doing physical things and I was on a wire a lot of the time or on different devices because we’re floating and I love doing that stuff. I was swimming through the air. This kind of stuff is great fun for me.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Wan’s infectious enthusiasm and Dafoe’s on-set enjoyment translate into a stellar Aquaman movie. The cast – which also features Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Patrick Wilson and Ludi Lin – is certainly impressive. Everyone seems to have had a great time on set, and DC will be hoping that audiences have as much fun watching Aquaman as the cast and crew had making it.

However, DC also seems to be hedging its bets outside of the DCEU: Aquaman, Justice League and many more movies will continue the shared universe that Man of Steel started, but DC is also developing an out-of-continuity Joker origin movie. And there has also been talk of a Red Son film, which would reimagine Superman as a Russia-based hero.

It remains to be seen, after Aquaman’s first solo movie, what his cinematic future will hold. Will DC stick with straight superhero stories like this, or press ahead with more off-the-wall ideas? Only time will tell.

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Source: The Playlist

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