First Aquaman TV Spot Features New Footage Of Arthur & Mera

Warner Bros. Pictures releases the first TV spot for James Wan's Aquaman movie, which reveals new footage of Arthur Curry, Mera, and more. The studio is gearing up to make their final marketing push for Aquaman - their only live-action DC movie releasing in 2018 after The Flash movie suffered numerous delays behind the scenes (and got hit with yet another production setback just recently). In addition to continuing the story that left off with 2017's Justice League, there's a lot riding on the movie to turn the DC movie universe around.

Starring Jason Momoa as the eponymous character and Amber Heard as Mera, the Aquaman movie follows the duo as they search for King Atlan's Trident, so that Arthur may become the rightful ruler of Atlantis and, therefore, overthrow his brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), by using the Trident's power to command the seven seas. While bits of information regarding the plot has been revealed through various marketing materials (including two trailers, though the last one was just an extended version of the first), viewers can always rely on TV spots to shed more light on a film.

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Coming a little over one week after WB released a five-minute Aquaman trailer over New York Comic Con weekend, the studio debuted the first Aquaman trailer, which contains footage from past trailers as well as some new footage, including some snippets of Arthur and Mera. Check it out below.

In this first TV spot, it's clear that the studio is continuing their efforts to capitalize on the movie's humor, such as the bit in the beginning of the promo when Arthur tells the bar's patrons that he's actually Fishman, thus in keeping with the ongoing joke that he can talk to fish. This level of humor is especially noteworthy coming off the heels of routine criticisms from audiences and critics alike that DCEU movies are too dark (among other things). What's more, viewers can see Arthur and Mera having a more heartfelt conversation about his duties becoming a king and hero rather than Momoa constantly throwing out one-liners. There's also the last snippet of footage at the end of the promo, showing a close-up of Arthur on the submarine.

This new TV spot is just the first in what will surely be a series of promos, which audiences will start to see more of as the movie's December release date nears. And considering that Wan has denied rumors of WB cutting 20 minutes from Aquaman, there should be plenty of footage to tease that, hopefully, won't give away too much of the plot.

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Source: Warner Bros (via GameSpot Universe)

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