Vulko Sends Arthur to Find the Trident of Neptune in New Aquaman Clip

Aquaman's new promo spot reveals Vulko (Willem Dafoe) sending Arthur (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) to search for King Atlan's missing Trident of Neptune. Directed by James Wan, the upcoming Warner Bros. and DC project establishes the origin story of the titular character. Set after the events of Justice League, it will tackle Arthur's own journey in becoming the leader of Atlantis.

While Aquaman will have a chunk of its story set underwater as Arthur battles Orm/Ocean Master to become the rightful king of the hidden civilization, a portion of the film will take place in the surface world as Wan establishes the hero's unique origin being the son of both sea and land. During his conquest to search for the powerful trident, Arthur will be accompanied by Mera as seen in previously released trailers, until they find themselves in a secret chamber where they locate a secret message from the Dead King that will help them accomplish their goal. The pivotal scene where Arthur finally locates the weapon has been previewed in past promo clips, now, however, fans find out how he was sent to this mission in the first place.

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Earlier today, Momoa dropped by Good Morning America (via NowCentric) as part of his press tour for Aquaman. The actor also brought a brand new clip from the film featuring Vulko sending Arthur to look for King Atlan's missing trident. Not knowing what kind of power the three-pronged weapon is capable of, the hybrid hero cooly told Vulko that he's got one of those already - referring to the quindent he borrowed from Mera. But with a glimmer in his eyes, his mentor insisted that the one he's ought to find is different. Watch the clip below:

Fans have seen a snippet of this scene, particularly where Arthur points to his quindent, in previously released trailers. But this gives the public more context on what to expect with regard to the relationship between Arthur and Vulko. It has recently been revealed thanks to Momoa that Justice League was supposed to include an appearance from Vulko and Mera as they pick up the titular hero for his own adventure. According to the former Game of Thrones actor, this omission didn't significantly change Wan's story as the movie still picks up where it supposedly should. What's interesting to know, however, is whether or not people will see a version of the said sequence in Aquaman. Nonetheless, trailers have done a decent job depicting Arthur's dynamic with Vulko who is among his trusted allies alongside Mera as he takes on Orm.

With about two weeks to go from hitting theaters, fans can expect Warner Bros. to roll out more spots in conjunction to the cast and crew wandering around the world to promote the film to keep the hype train running. Initial reaction to the film following its red carpet premiere has been generally positive - mostly lauding Wan's take on Arthur's characterization, as well as the visual work of the movie. Considering all this, Aquaman is looking to be another smash hit for the DCEU and is the best way to return in the superhero movie arena after taking more than a year break.

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Source: Good Morning America (via NowCentric)

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