Jason Momoa Hypes Aquaman Trailer Release In True Aquaman Fashion

Jason Momoa is teasing the release of Aquaman's first trailer tomorrow morning with a new video on social media. In Aquaman, Momoa continues to portray Arthur Curry following his first, full introduction as the underwater superhero in 2017's Justice League.

He's a man who is half-human and half-Atlantean. While he's known as the King of Atlantis in the comics, he's not yet king in the movies. First, he must find King Atlan's Trident. Curry will go on a quest that will bring him face to face with his new Atlantean allies, as well as some new foes. He must defeat those who would harm his people, gain the trident, and become the King that he is.

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Aquaman has a strong presence at San Diego Comic-Con this year, which is where Warner Bros. will unveil the movie's first trailer. Although it was previously revealed that the trailer will debut at Comic-Con, Momoa reaffirmed and even hyped up the trailer's release date with a new video on Twitter. Take a look:

This week saw an influx of new information about the Aquaman movie, including details about the plot thanks to the embargo lifting on the movie's set visit reports. Producers also cleared up a misconception about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice promotional materials, specifically the "Unite the Seven" tagline. When that phrase first emerged, many fans assumed that a seventh Justice League member would join the DCEU, with many speculating that it was Green Lantern. It turns out that the "seven" mentioned in the marketing had nothing to do with the lead up to Justice League, but rather everything to do with Aquaman. The seven are the seven oceanic armies that Aquaman will need to unite to rule Atlantis and protect them from their enemies.

Aquaman comic book fans need not fear that their hero will change a lot in the film. Director James Wan has already said that the movie will shape Arthur Curry into the character from the comics, one that fans will recognize and love. He will become King of Atlantis and reign over that realm. So, there is obviously a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding the release of the film's first trailer. The DC movie universe doesn't exactly have an excellent track record with its films, but this one has potentially even more hype than those that came before it, save for maybe Wonder Woman. The Aquaman trailer needs to live up to that hype so that fans can get excited about seeing Arthur in his first solo adventure.

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