Aquaman Director Reveals Why A Trailer Hasn't Released Yet

Aquaman director James Wan reveals why Warner Bros. hasn't released a teaser or trailer for the upcoming DC Films universe installment just yet. Ever since the DC Films universe officially launched with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Warner Bros. franchise has struggled to find both financial and critical success with its entries. Both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were financially successful, but received mixed-to-negative reviews, while Justice League was a miss in both realms. Wonder Woman was a bright spot for the franchise, earning positive reviews and over $821 million worldwide. Still, DC fans remain optimistic, especially with Aquaman on the horizon.

The James Wan-directed superhero movie is the only DC Films release of 2018 and it isn't set to arrive until December. However, since Warner Bros. screened Aquaman footage at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017 and there were rumors of an Aquaman trailer debuting during WonderCon this weekend, fans have been eagerly looking forward to a first teaser for the film. Unfortunately, an Aquaman trailer won't arrive at WonderCon and Wan offers fans some insight into why they haven't received a first look at the film just yet.

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The rumor of an Aquaman trailer dropping during WonderCon first circulated last month, but it wasn't until this weekend that the director addressed it. In a series of three posts on Twitter, Wan explained that the trailer - with all the visual effects necessary to bring Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) to life - simply isn't ready yet. See Wan's tweets below:

As Wan assures fans, there isn't a "nefarious reason" for holding the trailer back from release, it's simply been his decision as the director. Plus, even a late-March release is still quite early to release the first teaser for a movie not set to debut until December. Last month, Sony Pictures unveiled the first teaser for Venom starring Tom Hardy and the trailer was analyzed and criticized for not including the titular symbiote as well as including shots that many speculated featured unfinished VFX. So, considering all the pressure that any upcoming superhero movie - and DC movies especially - is under, it's understandable that Wan would want to wait to release the Aquaman trailer until he's made it the best it can be.

Of course, that leaves the actual release of the first Aquaman trailer unclear. It's possible it will be ready to screen by the end of the next month, so it can play in front of Avengers: Infinity War - arguably the biggest superhero movie event of 2018. Or perhaps Warner Bros. will wait until Comic-Con International in San Diego in late July. That seems unlikely, though, at least for the first teaser. We'll probably get the first full-length Aquaman trailer at SDCC and the teaser sometime before then. Unfortunately, Wan didn't offer any kind of timeline in his tweets for when we'll get to see the first official Aquaman promo, so we'll have to wait and see.

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Source: James Wan/Twitter

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