James Wan Teases Aquaman Trailer Coming Soon

Aquaman director James Wan offers an update on when the first trailer for Jason Momoa's standalone DC Comics film will be released.

Aquaman director James Wan offers an update on when the first trailer for Jason Momoa's standalone DC Comics film will be released. When Aquaman hits theaters later this year, it will be the first DC Films release since 2017's Justice League, which received mixed reviews and underperformed at the box office. Over the last few years, Warner Bros' burgeoning DC movie universe has struggled, with divisive and/or underperforming films - the exception being Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

However, the buzz surrounding Wan's Aquaman has been mostly positive, with fans eager to get their first look at the Arthur Curry solo movie. Momoa's character was a highlight of Justice League for many, so that excitement will undoubtedly carry over. Plus, Warner Bros. has been slowly unveiling footage over the last year, jut not to the public. The studio screened Aquaman footage at SDCC 2017 to those in Hall H, and additional footage at CinemaCon earlier this year. Still, fans want to see a trailer for Aquaman, with fully finished visual effects, to get an idea of what to expect from Wan's movie.

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Now, the director himself is teasing when exactly that trailer will arrive - though he doesn't offer a specific date. On Twitter, Wan was asked by a fan if there's a date in mind for when the first Aquaman trailer will release. Though Wan took the time to reply, he didn't offer much to go on. Check out his tweet below:

Although rumors have abounded as to when our first official look at Aquaman would arrive - including at WonderCon earlier this year - Wan has shot them all down. Instead, the director did offer an explanation for why the Aquaman trailer hasn't released, indicating the VFX take a great deal of time to perfect and he wouldn't debut a trailer with subpar effects. Considering this latest tweet, it seems Wan is getting close to finishing the trailer, though "soon" is relative - it could mean this week or sometime in the next month.

Or, if Aquaman reveals its first trailer at Comic-Con International in San Diego next month, then soon could mean in about six weeks. A rumor concerning Warner Bros' DC Films panel at SDCC 2018 pointed to the studio revealing the Aquaman trailer at the convention. It's a massive fan event, with plenty of press, all of whom are inclined to be the target audience for the film. Plus, Warner Bros. has released trailers for their DC Films to massive praise at Comic-Con. So, if the studio can kick off Aquaman's promotional push with that much buzz, it could go a long way for the film's public perception.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything concrete about when the Aquaman trailer will be released. Even Wan's tease is subjective. Still, the fact that he's offering an update and not defending the lack of a trailer yet seems to be a good sign. So, we'll find out "soooooon" when our first official look at Aquaman will arrive.

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Source: James Wan/Twitter

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