James Wan Hypes Aquaman Trailer Release With New Photo

Director James Wan is getting ready to drop the new trailer for his latest project, Aquaman, at San Diego Comic-Con this week. The film is the latest installment in the DC Extended Universe, following 2017's Justice League. That movie properly introduced Jason Momoa as the future king of Atlantis, after he made a seconds-long cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Even though Aquaman releases in December, there's been very little marketing for the tentpole so far. Recently, there have been some still images showcasing the film's ensemble, but fans are eager to see a teaser trailer. It's long been confirmed footage will premiere at Comic-Con, and Wan is busy putting the finishing touches on the preview before it's shown to the Hall H crowd.

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Wan released the preview image to his Twitter feed, which contains a couple nice nods for comics fans. First is the familiar green and orange color scheme, which we haven't seen in any of Momoa's other appearances as Arthur Curry. So far, he's just been running around either shirtless or in some general grim-dark armor. It'll be nice to see the familiar look (and some color) on screen again. Even more importantly, possibly, is the authentic, three-pronged trident in the photo. Aquaman's weapon of choice in Justice League was a five-pronged number that looked cool enough but wasn't at all a "trident."

Aquaman trailer preview by James Wan

Aquaman will take hero Arthur Curry's story back to the submerged kingdom of Atlantis. Wan regular Patrick Wilson will play antagonist Ocean Master, who aims to declare war on the surface world. Curry will have to both stop this and come to terms with his role as king. He wasn't that into running things in his last appearance, but that will probably change by the end.

Wan started out in low-budget indie films like Saw, which he co-created with writer Leigh Whannell. That modest production exploded into seven sequels (so far) and almost $1 billion combined at the box office. He also launched the supernatural Insidious and Conjuring franchises before expanding into blockbusters with Furious 7, which is currently the seventh-highest grossing film of all time.

WB is certainly hoping Aquaman can post similar results when it opens later this year. The DCEU is trying to remain relevant after Justice League's commercial and critical disappointment. And despite the Aquaman character not having as many fans as Wonder Woman or The Flash, Momoa's performance has brought some much-needed energy and humor to the franchise.

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