The REAL Reason Aquaman Can Talk To Fish Revealed

Warning: SPOILERS for Justice Leage/Aquaman: Drowned

It's a question that the Aquaman movie is going to have a whole new generation of fans asking: how DOES the DC superhero actually "talk" to fish, anyway? And at long last, DC has explained Aquaman's power - revealing even Arthur Curry never knew how it really worked.

The explanation comes as Aquaman finds himself at the center of DC's latest worldwide disaster, with the entire planet submerged as part of the Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned event. But be warned, comic fans, because the new source of Aquaman's power over marine life is bigger than anyone ever knew. And now that Aquaman knows why he alone wields the cosmic power, he can do a whole lot more than "talk" to Earth's sea creatures. Or, he could... if he hadn't just lost the power to his greatest enemy, Black Manta.

How DC Explained Aquaman's Power Before

In case any casual fans don't know that the actual science behind Aquaman "talking to fish" has been debated for years, there has been one basic explanation offered before now. When Geoff Johns rebooted the hero as part of DC's New 52, he dealt with the jokes head on, opening his first issue with Aquaman visiting a seafood restaurant. Not only did he eat sea creatures like land-dwellers, but didn't mince words when questioned, stating simply: "I don't talk to fish." At least, not in the way that the Super Friends cartoon led people to believe. So what does he do?

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Eventually, the Aquaman series would go a bit further, explaining that Arthur could mentally extend his will over sea creatures of lesser intelligence, directing their more primitive brains to simply obey his will. The waves of psychic energy extending from his mind got the point across, allowing him to draw the line at compelling sentient, sapient life forms. But now, his power - and the reason it is possessed by him alone - has been explained to be part of something much, much bigger.

DC Introduces The "Life Force" To Its Universe

The truth has just been revealed in both Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth Special #1 and Justice League #11, starting all the way back in the days of Arthur's childhood. Specifically, the first time that young Arthur claimed to hear what the fish were discussing nearby - an insight that seemed like play to Arthur's father Tom, but not his mother, Queen Atlanna of Atlantis.  The impression is clear: where Arthur's gift was previously seen as something special, his mother sees it as something monumental, enough to send her back to Atlantis without explaining where or what Arthur's gift might be. But in the Drowned Earth Special, that twist is revealed. And it's all based on the new Life Force flowing unseen through DC's universe.

But to understand and appreciate it, fans will need to hear about one of the most significant changes made to the DC Universe in the past year. Most people now know The Flash draws his power from the famous "Speed Force," a cosmic energy governing all velocity (possibly even time) across the universe. Well, that is just one of a set, now let loose upon the universe. Speed, Strength, Sage, and who knows how many others, all seemingly part of a larger mega-narrative converging in DC's new Justice League series.

And from the sounds of it, there's one more force to add to the list, uniting all life in one massive, cosmic energy - and it's THAT force Aquaman has been tapping into since he was a child. A connection that can finally be used to give Aquaman all new levels of power. A gift that, unfortunately, has just been torn out of him and given to Black Manta.

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