Jason Momoa Talks Aquaman's State of Mind Ahead of Solo Movie

It might still be a long 12-month wait before we are once again reunited with Arthur Curry following the events of Justice League, but Jason Momoa is already giving us hints as to what we expect from his character once his standalone film kicks off. After his official introduction in Warner Bros.' official superhero team-up film as one of DC Films' newest characters (alongside Ezra Miller's The Flash and Ray Fisher's Cyborg), the soon-to-be King of Atlantis will dive into his solo movie, taking us with him as he journeys his way to claiming his rightful place.

Principal photography for the James Wan-directed film has already wrapped recently. While information about the narrative specifics of the film are still scant as of date, we can expect that the film will tread Aquaman's origins from how he was brought to this world by parents Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), the former queen of Atlantis and Thomas Curry (Temuera Morrison), a normal man who serves as a lighthouse keeper. Being a child of two worlds, Arthur's life has been tumultuous and we'll soon find out how he will rise above the occasion and finally get to become the person he ought to be.


As part of the extensive behind-the-scenes peek at how the latest DC epic was made, Justice League: The Art of the Film delves deep into the process of crafting the film, shining a light on all the film's characters with commentary from the actors who play them. Momoa, for his part, opened up about what we can expect from Aquaman moving forward, now that he has technically represented the Atlanteans in the League's fight to protect Earth from Steppenwolf's attempted takeover:

"When we find Arthur, he's hiding on the edges of society. He knows what his power is, but he doesn't know how to channel it. He hasn't accepted himself as king. He's been running from both sides, human and Antlantean, and he's been really that outlaw and renegade and the rebel."

Hints of this identity crisis were present in Justice League when Arthur quickly rushed to protect one of the motherboxes that had been entrusted to the Atlanteans. He was ready to sit the brewing fiasco out after Steppenwolf was able to take the powerful device, but that was before Mera talked some sense into him. Even during their conversation, viewers could feel a tinge of resentment from Arthur towards his mother for reasons that we do not know yet. Nonetheless, we can expect to learn more about his story when his first solo outing arrives next year.

Many people thought that releasing an Aquaman origins story first before tackling Justice League would have been a more conventional and effective route when it comes to DC Films' franchise building efforts. But on the brighter side, despite the fact that he got the shorter end of the stick in the ensemble flick, Momoa was quickly able to establish his ownership of the role. If anything, fans are more excited to know more about him and that is always a good thing.


Source: Justice League: The Art of the Film

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