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Sideshow Collectibles revealed an awesome-looking Aquaman figure from Hot Toys. Jason Momoa will make his debut as the heir to the throne of Atlantis in November's Justice League, but the ensemble adventure is only setting him up to star in the Aquaman solo film in 2018. There have already been plenty of looks at Momoa in his full Aquaman suit via trailers and photos, but not a whole lot in the way of merchandise.

Hot Toys, meanwhile, has released many characters from DC films like Wonder Woman and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but collectibles related to November's Justice League have seen a slower rollout. Fans and collectors at San Diego Comic-Con already got to see the newest figures from Zack Snyder's film, but until Friday only Ben Affleck's Batman had been officially unveiled.

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Momoa's Aquaman has now become the latest DC character to be officially revealed. The new Hot Toys sixth-scale figure was unveiled via the Sideshow Collectibles website. It features Hot Toys' signature authentic, detailed likeness as Momoa in its head sculpt, and the rest of it is no less expertly crafted. Of course, the collectible comes with a trident and six different interchangeable hand pieces to play around with to your liking. It even comes with an Atlantean Mother Box. Check out some photos of the new figure and its accessories below:

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New figures of Queen Mera, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and even a Parademon also made appearances at SDCC, but haven't been shown in their full glory like Aquaman has here. The figure isn't expected to be available until Oct. 2018 at the earliest, two months before Aquaman's release.

This is as clear and sharp a look yet at how Momoa will appear as Aquaman in both Justice League and his solo adventure. The artists and designers at Hot Toys do consistently dazzling work, especially with their head sculpts, and Momoa's likeness is no exception. Warner Bros. showed a lot of confidence in Aquaman pushing its release date back to December, and Sideshow certainly seems confident that collectors will enjoy Momoa's performance enough to add the Hot Toys figure to their shelves.

It may almost feel like torture to fans of the character to have to wait a year to add the new Hot Toys collectible to their collection, especially if Momoa steals the show in Justice League. DC and Warner Bros. are betting big on the actor to deliver in his first lead role in a big-budget film, but they appear to believe it will be a big winner.

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Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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