Jason Momoa’s Classic Aquaman Costume & Trident Revealed by Sideshow Statue

An upcoming Aquaman Sideshow Collectible is unveiled, featuring the DC superhero wearing his iconic comic book suit and wielding his signature trident. Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa stars as the titular hero in the James Wan-directed movie set after the events of Justice League. The project will serve as the official origin story for Arthur Curry, who is set to return to Atlantis as he claims his rightful heir as the king of the underwater civilization.

Screen Rant exclusively revealed the first look at the figure back in July at San Diego Comic-Con where the same Aquaman figure was on display. Now, it is officially unveiled by Sideshow Collectibles, giving fans a closer look at the stunning new figure.

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Taking to their official Twitter account, Sideshow Collectibles posted a full image of the Aquaman Premium Format Figure. Inspired by the upcoming DC film, the figure features Arthur wearing his classic orange and green suit and wielding the Trident of Neptune. Check out the image below:

So far, no official footage has been revealed with Momoa donning the iconic orange and green suit, although previously released character posters have shown him in a similar-looking costume. For the most part in official trailers and promos, Arthur is seen donning either his surface clothes or what seems like a battle armor. Perhaps Wan and Warner Bros. are saving the reveal in the film with him not wearing the suit until he formally becomes the king of Atlantis.

The same can be said about King Atlan's missing trident. Apparently, part of the narrative of the movie will follow Arthur and Mera (Amber Heard) looking for the iconic trident while they're being hunted down by both Patrick Wilson's Orm/Ocean Master, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's David Hyde/Black Manta. A promo still from the movie features Mera and Arthur finding the hidden message from the Dead King that will presumably help them in their quest for the three-pronged weapon  All this time, Arthur has been using a quindent - a loan from Mera - just after Steppenwolf attacked Atlantis for their mother box and before Arthur joined Batman and company in their battle against the villain in Justice League.

Chances are that this whole ensemble won't be unveiled until the final act of Aquaman. Regardless, just the thought of being able to successfully translate the character's suit on the big screen without looking campy is already a win for the film. Admittedly, one of the trickiest things to adapt in a live-action setting is the DC hero's costume, and yet somehow, it seems like Wan and his team was able to find a way to put an edgier spin on the armor that perfectly suits Momoa's cool vibe.

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Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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